Blurred callout backgrounds

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Right now we have callout backgrounds that can be opaque or somewhat transparent, but it’d be really cool to add a level of blur to have your text really stand out.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Stone

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That would be way cool!

WRT the example, sorry, just can't resist saying it seems to be:
A flurry of blurries!

Ducking for cover after that statement!

Cheers... Rick :)
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This would be very cool.
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This would look great presentation wise and for social media or website banners!
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Would be great. I just encountered that need a few moments ago.
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I was just reading another wish about having layer management.  It seems like you could combine the two features - in this example, just blur the background layer, but some users might want to apply a blur to the front, or back, or middle layers - 
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Yes, and yes. Totally agree with you cprettyman. Being able to blur a specific layer would be awesome!
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(Going back through these topics now)

You can do this in Snagit today with the Blur tool. :) You can also choose to pixelate it.

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Official Response
Although this got quite a few votes, this idea didn’t get enough votes to be under consideration for a future release. Meaning that we won’t have time in the next year or so. That’s not to say it isn’t valuable! But we need to take into account the Ideas that not yet been investigated and/or implemented from our last round as well as the ones that got more votes in this round. So, we are marking this one as Not Planned for the time being. At this point, there are a lot of other things things we’ll be focusing on first. Definitely bring this up again when we do our next round of voting if you still see a need!

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+1 for this idea.

Could be implemented as follows:  Blur anything that has been selected

By inversing the selection (ctrl-shift-i) you can get a result like below.

Most of the time you want to show a certain part/window in a broader context without distracting the viewer of the content.
Instead of having to mark the part of interest with the highlighter, it's way more beautiful and subtle to instead blur the rest of window you don't want to focus on.

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When this can be Reconsidered again ? I think it already long time. and it got enough vote