Bring Back X,Y Canvas Cursor Coordinates

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In the SnagIt 12 Help Guide, located here:, on page 5 (or pg 14 of the pdf), it states, "The Status bar displays information about the selected capture such as the dimensions, the X and Y coordinates of the cursor on the canvas, and the application or website the file was captured from."

I create user documentation and often generate the images with SnagIt. The ability to put my cursor on the same axis to select a portion of an image is very important. For example, let's say I'm capturing a home page from an Intranet site, but the right-nav panel is filled with RSS-like news feed junk that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to capture, -- BUT -- I can't just do a Joined Cut because I need the top width of the home page to show various links and tabs that are pertinent to the information I'm capturing. In Snagit13 if there's more than one thing I want to remove below this first selected deletion, I am not able to align my cursor at the same X axis (or Y axis) like I could in SnagIt 12.

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  • like I lost something important that I took for granted

Posted 3 years ago

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Robert Neuendorf

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I agree. I build requirements, specs, test case, etc... documentation. This was feature very helpful!!!
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Rick Stone

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Sooo, out of curiosity, what did you do to note the area? Did you write it down? Put it in a notepad file?

While I'm not in any way suggesting this feature wasn't useful to you, I can imagine that until it has been added into SnagIt, you can work past it by perhaps dropping an object on the image to use as an alignment aid. Perhaps a simple rectangular shape?

Cheers... Rick :)
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Robert Neuendorf

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I used it for documenting specs for web site development. I admit this is probably rare for anyone else to use. At any rate, I found that Firefox has an add-on with a similar feature, so I can do without it.
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The ability to see the cursor coordinates and the size of a rectangular selection is critical to me.
I'm building UI objects and I often need to test that things are the right size or line up.
Very frustrating that this feature disappeared.
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Kathy Manwaring

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AMEN!  I now have to revert back to an older version as the coordinates are critical to one of the tasks I do often.   PLEASE LISTEN TO US!  I would even pay an extra charge for this function.