Bring the Jing workflow to SnagIt!

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PLEASE finally bring the Jing workflow to SnagIt! SnagIt is almost there but misses an extremely important step:

1. A single hotkey triggers the capture rectange. Check!

2. Define the rectangle. Check!

3. Ask for screenshot vs. video. Check!

4. Capture. Check!

5. Define output. In Snagit, this is awkwardly complicated and still even too limited.

Jing totally mobs the floor with any other screenshot tool here!

The rectangle with the captured screenshot/video should have customizable output buttons (this is the ingenious Jing thing!)

Very important:

+ Allow multiple custom output buttons of the same(!) type, e.g. "Send as file to c:/bugs/", "Send as file to d:/ideas/". We use that as a bug/feature workflow and send screenshots to different file directories. Devs then move the captures to suitable directories, like "/fixed/", "/closed/", etc. It makes for a perfect and turbo-fast project management tool. This alone keeps us using Jing.

+ One button could be "Send to editor" which would make any such manual option obsolete (It is "always configured wrong" when working with Snagit and it is so tedious to have to go to settings to change it).

You guys are almost there, you have the customizable output options in SnagIt already. Just place them in the capture result window and allow us to use multiple outputs of the same type.

A cute little kitten will get a cold if you won't do it in 2018.3.

P.S.: Just learned, that it is even possible in the Mac version. The feature seems to be missing in the Windows version though.
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Posted 2 years ago

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First of all I want to thank you for bringing my attention to Jing. I had never heard of it. The thing that jumped out at me when you said "A single hot key triggers the whole thing..." THAT to me is my biggest gripe about Snagit.
My one question now is why doesn't Jing let us use an f-keyboard (for example "f6") command to activate Jing?

My one request to make Jing my primary screenshot recorder is is there any way to get Jing to duplicate the boundaries of the last screenshot? It's very common for me to need to take multiple shots at the same location over and over. Yes, I know I can do that in Snagit but (1) I have to twist my fingers in knots to get that key combination and I would like to see the marquee prior to the capture being taken to verify that my marquee is sufficiently large (or too large) to capture the subsequent shots.

But Gunnar, a real big big thanks!