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I'm in Camtasia Windows 2018. I go to Annotations, and insert a callout in an opaque box with a certain size, location, and font size.
  1. I want it to appear this way on EVERY callout I have in my video, so I save it to my library with these properties. 
  2. I add this callout from my library to the timeline. It appears where I want it. 
  3. I start typing, and depending on how much I type, the fonts size adjusts. 
  4. I try to change the font back to the size I want, and it won't change (I can't enter a new font size) or it doesn't make the change (in the callout itself). 
  5. I have no idea what's going on or possibly it's adjusting the font size based on the text that's in there. I find that highly ridiculous, unless I'm doing something wrong here. 

The only other workaround I can see, which defeats the purpose of callouts, is to draw a box, then add a text box on top and see if that keeps the right font size.

Here's the dillyo

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Posted 2 years ago

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In the "Basic" annotation styles, the font size auto adjusts to fit the available space. If it starts to shrink, it generally means that you need to drag the bottom of the box out enough to allow another line of text. I've also seen cases where it will reduce the font size slightly in order to fit a word in at the end of a line. In that case, use <Shift>+<Enter> to move the word to the next line and the font should go back to its original size.

Someone mentioned earlier today that this does not occur with the "Legacy" annotations, but they may be more limited in how you can style them.
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Brian Nystrom is correct,

Legacy callouts are the ones you want.

If you type too many words the words will simply disappear from the callout. You will have to resize the callout so you can find those missing words. I don't care for the new style callouts and the auto resizing text.

You don't have the luxury of using themes with legacy callouts. But I prefer to have full control of my callouts over themes.

Regards, Joe