Camtasia 18; The Good, The Bad and The Missing

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So in the pre-release video ( ) we were advised that users seem to have two main concerns

First, speed. I'd agree that it's a significant issue. 64 bit V9 rendering is better than it was in 32 bit V8 so producing a 40 minute video no longer takes long enough to cook a roast dinner. But C9 still gives you the time to make quite a passable lunch, so improvements are welcome.

Second, consistency. It's hard to argue with that.

It therefore offers "the most responsive editing experience yet".

First, that's not saying much. Second... how does it do this?

Faster exporting? I'll be happy to see that but I'll wait to see in terms of real world performance.

The new library? It has sub-folders. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It has a search function, which is also not a bad thing if you name your assets in a certain way.

It does NOT, however, appear to be cloud based (or offer the option of making it cloud based) so syncing assets between machines or better still workgroups remains a primordial, time wasting, 90's vintage ZIP-edy-doo-dah operation.

Also it doesn't seem to store predefined effects, which I'll come back to.

I was interested to see how I could take a group of assets and add them to the library, and then add them to a different project. Pardon me for being a tad underwhelmed, though, because I've been doing that for quite a while now.

The same is true of "you can now organise {your assets} with folders"! Like I've been doing for years, you mean? Not NESTED folders, I grant you, but folders as such are not new.

Not only has the library NOT been extended to include predefined effects (as far as I can see; clip speeds with predefined speeds, animations with predefined settings, favourite transitions so that you don't have to wade through the transitions panel, etc, etc), there's STILL no indication that those effects come with any settable default settings of their own.

Or that they have customisable keyboard shortcuts which {sigh}, one more time, {sigh} are standard in pretty much any piece of productivity software except this one.

It handles editing and exporting at 60fps. Great, it's a step in the right direction. It will help a lot of users. Now to complete that journey by allowing capture at that rate because until that happens, an ever-expanding slice of the gamer market goes begging.

Themes? Yes, they're an improvement. Up to a point. "Consistency" is not just about colours and fonts but also about size and placement and there is STILL no way to set these to an EXACT size in pixels (you know, the way the project is defined in terms of height and width?) and we STILL have those loopy "meaningless number" sliders that will expand or contract the object depending on whatever mood the object that you place starts out in. See also, the point size of text.

Needless to say, there is no indication that the ability to play back at varying speeds has (FINALLY) been included, no JKL editing option, oh, and speeding up a section of the video will still be a 7 step operation because there are no defaults, no macros or other automation, no customisable shortcuts...

As for the audio features...

"What audio features?"


I can still see myself having to rinse my audio track through Audacity and reimporting it. Not that Camtasia makes THAT easy either since I have to export only the narration audio track, so I have to manually disable all of the other tracks first to avoid picking up any of their audio. There's no such thing as "Export this track only".

And then I'll have to still play clicky-clicky-draggy-draggy with audio points on the other tracks to set them to a meaningless arbitrary percentage value so that the volume is in some way congruent with the volume of the narration.

I'll buy this to support the product, but my patience, already wafer thin, has shed an extra layer. Especially with regard to the point blank refusal to do anything to really speed up the editing process like adding customisable keyboard shortcuts and variable playback speed or JKL. THAT would be the sort of thing that I would find faith-restoring.
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  • I would say "disillusioned", but I had already come to expect this.

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