Camtasia 2 Mac : Project crashes when it opens, and I can't figure out why. Large amount of images and jpg.

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Im on Camtasia 2, for Mac. The mac is running on High Sierra, and there's a surplus of storage space. Im new to the program, and am using a friend's computer for it. I only have images so far in the project, although I have a lot. I had approximately 25-30 images available to put on the timeline, and I had about 50-74 images placed already. 

What happened: ( This is mainly explaining the circumstances around it, feel free to skip to the watered down tl;dr near the bottom.)

   When I first started using it of the past two days, my project would rarely crash. If it did, I could just reload the autosave, and keep going from there. I did save a couple times, so to have an emergency backup. 

   Last night around 1 am though, when I was editing, I was trying to catch the crash before it happened. As I was adding a plain green image, it showed up a bright yellow, one of the few signs I was noticing occurred before a crash(The others being the image showing up as clear, or when a color filter was on was white). 

  As the program hadn't crashed yet, I went to save to try and keep my progress that wouldn't have been saved by the autosave. To my dismay, once the saving bar popped up, camtasia froze. I eventually went to force quit (it read that Camtasia had stopped responding), and did so. Now, whenever I attempt to open it, it does successfully for a frame, and then crashes instantly. 

  After long trials and errors, I gave up, and went to continue on one of my previous saves. This time, it crashed every five minutes, but I made sure to save even more often. Once I had gotten up to about 45-55 images(on the timeline) though, it continually crashed after I added a second image. Yellow picture, clear picture, straight up closing the program, the works.

   So, I saved after I added a single image more to the timeline. It crashed. But this time, when I went to open it, it said almost all of my available and timelined images were missing, ghost textured and all.

What I Did: 
 - Made a copy of each project to use in troubleshooting
 - Copied images and folders from the media file from P1(project 1) into P2. It didn't work/help.
 - Attempted to find and delete SCFinder.???(I forgot the rest of it, I found it as an answer in another thread). It wasn't downloaded in the first place.
 - Saved a blank project, and added all of P1's media files and etc into it. I believe it functioned as just another copy, and crashed upon loading as well.
 - Checked storage to see if it was nearing being full, and it had space. 
What I Havent done yet that may work:
 - Replace the image folders of P1 with P2’s. Since P2 was originally a backup, it may work. I do still have the backup seperate, so I may even use that.
 - Try and load the projects from a different account. A help thread I found earlier said if that worked(90% chance of working), it was in the account presets or customizations, something along those lines. I just want to get this done, so if it works, Im good.
 - I had earlier thought I had RAM to spare with only Camtasia open, but I discovered that alternate accounts have been logged in. I plan to log these out as soon as I post.

What I dont want to try/do that may work:
 - Reinstall Camtasia. Since it's not my computer or program, I wouldn't want to go messing around too much, and plus, Im not sure how to keep the projects seperate from Camtasia 2, if they aren't already. 
 - Wait until Monday to call tech support. Since the assignment is due that day, I would have to wake up very early to have enough time to fix it, and then finish the project.

What I want out of Camtasia 2:
 - Im really hoping the amount of images arent the problem. The amount I know I'll stop at is 77-78 images in the timeline, and ~50 in the available images to choose from.
 - Originally, I was hoping to move the collage to it's corners and zoom in, as to get a close up view, and because the definition was high enough. I found out that the images would all zoom in with their own origins, and would look terrible. I resolved to use a seperate Camtasia project to record the first moving each corner to the center of the screen, zooming in manually with the mouse. I had looked into combining layers, but you can't on Camtasia 2, and to port just the frames(images of frames to frame the individual collage) ended up in a video of terrible quality, unable to be suitable when zoomed in upon. If I were to find a way around this issue, I could potentially knock off up to 48 images from the timeline by having them all in one, although finding a solution would be either too low a chance, or too time consuming.
 - The reason Im using Camtasia instead of an image editor is that I want to add some of my videos recorded in front of a greenscreen to the portraits. 

Extra Notes:
 - Project is due tomorrow, possibly tuesday if lucky.
 - Lots of images.
 - When imagining what I want the project to be, I see something similar to the Portraits in Harry Potter, if it helps.

Camtasia 2 is crashing often, and saving seems to corrupt/change my projects so that they either can't be opened for more than a millisecond before crashing, or many image files to become missing. Mac High Sierra, spare memory, Camtasia 2. Most of my project are images, reaching into the high 60s in timeline image count(hopefully). Im on a friend's computer and Camtasia. 

Sorry if the prompt is too long and with bad formatting! 
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  • confused, desperate.

Posted 2 years ago

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You are creating a challenging situation, not wanting to update camtasia. Camtasia 3 has been out for almost two years, so you may be on a very old version.

So here's the quick and dirty solution to get your project done for tomorrow. You. sound computer savvy, based on your detailed description, so please follow these steps exactly. We are not debugging, we are working around the issue. Since I don't have version 2 anymore, and some of the command names may have changed in Version 3, ask if you need clarification.

What we're going to do is break your video into multiple videos (Part1 and Part2) that don't crash, then assemble them afterwards. Here's what to do.
  1. Go back to a previous, stable save. Save it again with the name "Part1". Make certain the option to "Save a Standalone Project" is turned off. Everything from this point forward will use this file.
  2. Delete all of the media on the timeline except the final image. If you have other tracks for audio or whatever, align your cursor with the first frame of that image, select those tracks, Split them and discard everything to the left. 
  3. Move the remaining stuff to the start of the timeline (0:00;00).
  4. Save this file as "Part 2", again making sure the "save as standalone project" option is turned off.
  5. Add the remaining images to the timeline (about 40?) Save periodically.
  6. Now you have two project files, Part1 and Part2. Use the Share menu to output a high-quality mp4 file from each. The idea here is to NOT let Camtasia compress much at this point, because you are going to use those two files in a new Camtasia project.
  7. Start a brand new Camtasia project called "BothParts". Import Part1.mp4 and Part2.mp4 and drag them to two tracks on the timeline. Get them synchronized properly on the one image that they share, then drag the start frame of Part2 to align with the final frame of Part1. Now Part 2 should start immediately when Part 1 ends.
  8. Output your final project.
Ask more questions if this doesn't make sense. Good luck!
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Camtasia 3 is unusable for us older folks.  Whoever chose the color scheme (dark grey on somewhat darker grey) and font size (4 point) clearly intended to prevent us from using the product.  I have no choice but to continue using version 2.  And I have the same problem.