Camtasia 2018 DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY AUDIO ENHANCEMENTS that have been requested for years!

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For many years Camtasia users have been requesting audio features that are even found on free software and they have sent surveys, seen our posts on the support forums.  

They have gone backwards from previous versions.  WHY don't they listen to us?

Now, they want us to spend another $100 to UPGRADE to Camtasia 2018 and it doesn't include ANY audio enhancements.

Is anyone else also frustrated?  See some of the other forum posts for some of the features that we want.
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  • sad that Tech Smith doesn't care about the audio of their video editor

Posted 1 year ago

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Perhaps if we added votes to the audio update requests they would believe it is important to us.  The only "pro" vote is mine at the top.  What say you?
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I'm in.  Just voted.
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We've voted on this audio problem for years Ron. Time for a recall. Start a referendum with signatures. Oh, we don't have that option...
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Yup.  I wonder where all of the votes go.. I'm guessing the Russians have been playing with our camtasia audio request ballots.   -- They don't want to hear us!   :)
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I don't know whether I should actually say this, but...
I know that this issue isn't being ignored. I know of at least one person that they've contacted - quite recently - for sample projects which have audio issues.

So why haven't they said this here? I imagine it's because of the "rock / hard place" issue. I know from programs that I write that you can't always be sure how complex an issue will be, or what options are possible, or how long they will take until you start digging around in it and trying this and that.

So if they were to pop up in here and say "Hey. we've got people looking at this" then you know what will happen. Within two weeks there will be annoyed posts asking "where are our audio improvements??" On the other hand if they say nothing, then it's assumed that they're just ignoring it. I don't think there's an easy middle course on that.

Should audio have been addressed long ago? Sure. But you can't undo what has or hasn't been done in the past, just what's being done now and into the future.
Let me be clear that I'm not speaking on Techsmith's behalf, nor am I acting as apologist-in-chief. I have no insight into what they're doing or how long it will take. All I offer is the one objective fact that I know, which is that it's not being ignored. What individual users choose to make of or do with that fact is up to them.
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Super thoughtful response. There are definitely many areas where the product can and needs to improve. It's a balancing act. I can only speak for myself, but I try to visit these forums several times a week, sit in on as many customer calls as I can and live in the software to keep the reality distortion field at bay. Thanks to everyone for sharing feedback.