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Camtasia 2018 is a dud. Boldly went for the new version and while editing/watching my project the video playback literally freezes after a few minutes every use. Very disappointed. I just don't get how they can release new versions without properly testing them....
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Posted 2 years ago

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Same here. Camtasia 9 seems more stable overall. I also don't like the jump in version numbering. It would give one the impression of a brand new version, but Camtasia 2018 (version 18) could have simply been version 9.2 or version 10 with emphasis on 60fps support. Given the reported problems so far, testing should have been more thorough on the officially supported platforms. This "upgrade" came too soon in my opinion.
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Mine freezes too. Camtasia 2018 is unusable and now my projects are dead in the water. I purchased the upgrade this morning and now I seriously regret it.
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Is time for a refund, or a free patch
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Same problem here -- total freeze up every time. Just contacted Tech service and put in a request for money back on this lemon of a product. Camtasia 9 worked so well, that when they offered the 2018 version, I just bought it sight unseen, assuming it would be great as well.  I won't be so quick to say OK next time. 
Meanwhile, I uninstalled 2018 and went back to Version 9. Life is good again.
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Two machines at our office are experiencing the same terrible Camtasia 2018 performance issues.  Both are high-end 12-core Xeon-based PCs with 64 GB RAM, Windows 10 Enterprise x64, large SSD system drives, and nVidia Quadro M4000 graphics cards.  These are certainly not the kind of computers where one expects slow response and long lags between mouse movements and application reactions.  I made a very short test video with the following observations noted:

  • Click on the timeline to place the playhead anywhere along the video.  Six seconds later, the preview finally stops showing the old playhead location and displays the currently selected frame.
  • Click on a text balloon annotation and drag it to a new location on the canvas and the program becomes unresponsive.  Twelve to fifteen seconds later, the annotation finally arrives at the new location and the program becomes responsive again.
The lag between mouse movement and response is so bad that the program is virtually unusable.  It's very difficult to be precise with such delays constantly occurring.

I've tried all three acceleration modes (software-only, Microsoft basic, and nVidia graphics card).  The software-only mode works best, but still is not good.  Clearly, the hardware is not being properly utilized, and something in the code is throwing a wrench into the works.  I've tried three different nVidia drivers (the one originally installed on the PC, the current certified version, and the latest available beta).  The Camtasia 2018 lag problem is exhibited for all drivers.  No problem with any other applications.

Color me frustrated.