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The 2018 upgrade pricing is not what I expected. I purchased 9/3 within the last year and have used it for zero projects so far. Now I have to pay $99 for the upgrade while new customers get deeply discounted launch pricing. I'm considering going back to Screenflow where the upgrade intervals and upgrade pricing make more sense.
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If you have purchased a license with support than you just need download the latest software and you can use your existing license. I also just purchased Camtasia a month ago and was surprised to see the $99 upgrade. Thankfully I bought support for the year which entitles you to free upgrades.
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Is this Backwards compatible to the previous version?
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When you load a C9 project into C2018, it needs to be converted. Once that happens you can no longer use that project with C9. (Though when the conversion happens, a C9 backup copy of the project is made in the same folder.)
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I get a warning displaying that I'm trying to open an older version of a project but it still opens, so yes the software does appear to be backwards compatible.
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It will open the previous version project but once its saved in the new version, you won't be able to open it up on the previous version again.
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I keep seeing these same words in multiple threads; "now I have to pay $99".

Honest, you don't. No, really, I would not lie to you about this.

C9 will continue to work. You will not have SOME new features, but this is the same as if you bought a new car 6 months ago and a new model has come out. Or you bought a computer last year; there will be newer models with better features this year.

The gap between C9 and C2018 is not a chasm. The library structure is different, but not a huge leap forward in my view. (Not functionally, anyway, for reasons that I've detailed elsewhere.) The user interface is substantially the same as C9; there haven't been any great improvements. Especially the ones that NEED to be made.


A little, but the "50%" mentioned in some promotional pages is... optimistic.

I make at least three videos per week, one of which is relatively low motion and two of which have a lot of motion.

I just tested my most recent low motion one. It's 42 minutes long.
  • Rendering the project in C9 took 16 minutes 52.85 seconds.
  • Rendering it in C2018 took 15 minutes, 13.21 seconds.

The net gain was about 10%.

I'll be interested to run the same test with my high motion videos but on the basis of that the speed improvement is not going to be life changing.

Themes? Maaaybe. If you're a casual user, it can speed up your workflow a bit. Those who use the program more extensively probably have already saved collections of "themed" assets in our library and won't get much of a gain out of it.

60fps? About 90% of my video content is recorded from Camtasia, so it offers me no benefit as long as Camtasia itself can't record in it, but it would be advantageous to those who, for example, use a lot of camcorder content.

If these things will benefit you (particularly the last one), $99 is a small price to pay. If they don't, then the C9 that you've already bought and paid for will keep you ticking over just fine.
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The 2018 upgrade pricing is not what I expected.
I agree.  I just purchased Camtasia 3 in Jan 2018, and now, just 6 months later I have to pay full upgrade price of $99 if I want to upgrade.

Techsmith allows only a 30-day grace period for a free upgrade.  This is way too short, IMO.

A fairer upgrade policy would be:
  1. Free upgrade if purchased within the last 90-days.
  2. Pro-rated upgrade if purchased within 91-365 days.
So, in my case of purchase 180 days ago, my price would be $32.40, a very fair price that I'd be more than willing to pay.

In case you're wondering about the pro rata formula, here it is:
Pro-Rated Price = ((Days_Purchased_Prior_to_Release - 90)/275) * 99

275 = 365 - 90
Price at:
90:  $0
365: $99

As it is, before I'd now pay $99 for a Camtasia upgrade, I'd just go buy a full new license of Screenflow, currently at $129, but sometimes discounted to $99.
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Well, I just double checked and missed that Camtasia no longer comes with free updates as before--before i purchased it. Now having read the reviews/comments and looked at the 2018 version I see not reason to upgrade. As i mentioned many times before, issues with the cumbersome 3rd party audio has still not been addressed, yet many have requested that. I had to double check and have 30 days to get a full refund, which i believe i will have to do, because i do NOT plan on paying just under $50 for "FREE" updates-- that is just silly.
I sell an online program that is subscription based, but have never charged for updates--they come as part of the package. Seems only fair. Charging for "FREE" updates makes no sense to me and I know I would lose on that business decsions....hint, hint...
Looks like i will be asking for a purchase refund, once i can make sure version 9 still works and 2018 did not over ride any settings.
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Well, I just double checked and missed that Camtasia no longer comes with free updates as before--before i purchased it.

No, that's not right. The policy hasn't changed. See Robert from TechSmith's reply in this thread:

The policy has not changed; major versions, i.e. moving from Camtasia 9 to Camtasia 2018, are paid upgrades, which has been the norm for quite some time. Minor update (Camtasia 9.0 to Camtasia 9.1) and maintenance/service updates (Camtasia 9.0.0 to Camtasia 9.0.1) are both free to licensed users.
(One of) the chief gripes to date seems to have been around whether there is enough in C2018 to genuinely consider it to be a "major version", but that's a different conversation. When updates like (say) 2018.01 come out, they will still be free.