Camtasia 2019.0.6 .trec cursor disappears in raw recording

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I had this issue in an earlier version of Camtasia 2019 that was resolved with an update but now I updated to 2019.0.6 and it's back.
My cursor disappears from the raw recording. It specifically occurs when the cursor transitions from the edge of a window or frame to another window or frame. This is a detail I've not seen in any other post about Cursors disappearing.
Many have claimed that pausing caused the issue or rebooting Camtasia or Windows solved the issue but this has not worked.
This issue has to do with the recorder and not the edits. I've checked all my opacity settings in the edit screen, they are 100%.
I can add highlights and other cursor effects with no problem and the cursors effect on Mouse Over and Clicking events are still present. Just no pointer is visible.
Occasionally the cursor/pointer will re-appear at the edge of a window or frame again.
During the recording, there are no signs that there is an issue so there is no way to see if your recording is botched until you are done investing your time.
This has completely stalled my ability to move forward on this time sensitive project!
I submitted a support Ticket with my maintenance agreement on this issue so I'll post updates on resolutions found.
On my other tickets, it was always recommended that I submit my issues here in the forum for others to see so I'm getting a jump on that now.
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Posted 10 months ago

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Thanks for the heads up {:>)

regards, Joe
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Corroborating note: I have a cursor image library prepared because the cursor in Camtasia recordings behaves so erratically. In many cases, my only workaround to get a finished published video is to "patch" bad cursor behaviors over with an animated image of a cursor with transparent background. And note I am not talking about user error such as jerky movement, although I have definitely corrected that for recordings made by others. I'm talking about double cursors, disappearing cursors, jumping cursors, etc. from buggy recordings and timeline.

You know, if you do cursor animations enough in Camtasia, you get pretty good at it....
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David Harrison

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David, I hadn't thought of that and it's actually a very creative idea. 
Question though, you're talking about adding a .png or .jpg "Cursor Look-a-like" and literally moving it across the screen with custom animations?
If so, that is a lot of extra work!
I could see doing that on short work and the end result is probably great and smooth but a little power point-ish...
...but for 1-2 hour software tutorials showing hundreds of mouse actions... meh!
What would be AWESOME is if you could snap an image to the Mouse pointer like the Halo...
In fact, I'm going to recommend that to TechSmith formally!
Thanks again for the idea!
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I've had the issue before where the cursor simply doesn't appear in the recordings. The "fix" at the time was to change the recording format settings from TREC to AVI in the recorder. 

While this definitely corrected the issue, it also "burns in" the cursor so you cannot use any effects during editing.

Cheers... Rick :)
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I'd appreciate it any of you who are experiencing this issue would contact our support team and share your recordings and project files so that we figure out what's going on and fix this issue.

Brooks Andrus
Camtasia Technical Product Manager
Mobile Technical Product Manager
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OK, so I have an update...
As I stated in the OP, I submitted a trouble ticket and provided all the needed files and worked with Tech Support and they recommended I try switching to Software-Only Mode since my rig is a 16 core.
Well, My cursor problem seems to have disappeared. 
Also worth noting, Since the upgrade to 2019.0.6, Camtasia crashed once and the Preview Playback was stuttering a lot and Ripple delete was taking a long to to execute (...Program Not Responding Message) when I had the GPU (GTX 1080) in the mix.
Since I switched to Software-Only Mode, all those problems went away.
The only thing I noticed is it appears the frame rate in Preview seems to have dropped a bit but not when the files are produced.

To add clarification to the Cursor problem, lot's of people made claims as to what was causing the Cursor issue. Some said it was when they paused the recording a lot. This was not the case for me.
Specifically, when the mouse moves from one object to another, you notice the mouse icon will change to other icons like arrows or a hand. This was the issue for me; particularly when dealing with a .PDF.  In one video, the Cursor got stuck on the hand Icon that Adobe uses and the rest of the clip stayed with the hand icon (As if to say, "Talk to the Hand, dude!"). In other clips, the mouse icon simply disappeared when the mouse pointer transitioned from the edge of the .pdf window to a browser window. Occasionally, the cursor would suddenly re-appear when I transitioned from another window again.
For the record, Camtasia does not stress my systems resources to the least! Typically, when editing, my CPU fluctuates in the 10-15% range and only uses a few cores. When Rendering, My CPU NEVER goes over 50%,  and the RAM never goes beyond 30%. The GPU never goes above 60% so I'm definitely not having a resource problem.

For now, "Software-Only Mode has seemed to fixed my issues.
Wish List:
* Allow Camtasia to adjust resource allowances.
* Allow me to add a Cursor Icon as a Cursor effect (Just like adding the Halo)

My Rig:
* MOBO: Gigabyte x399 Designaire
* CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950X (16 Cores-32 Threads) @ 4.0 Ghz
  * Water Cooled
* Ram: 32G (4x8G) Quad Channel DDR4 @ 3200Mhz
* SSD: Two Samsung 960 Pro M.2's @  512G
  *Both M.2 cards have 4 dedicated PCIE lanes to CPU each!
* GPU: EVGA Hybrid GTX 1080
  * GPU has 16 dedicated PCIE lanes to CPU
* Windows 10 (64 Bit)
* Camtasia 2019 (Build 5004-v2019.0.6 64 Bit)
* Snagit (v2019.1.3 64 bit)
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Rick Stone

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+1 for the "talk to the hand" comment! LOL