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We are pleased to announce that TechSmith Camtasia 2019 has been released today!

Download it here:

We will be updating other threads to let people know of features improvements they were interested in.

Thank you for participating in this community. Your feedback has had a large impact on the shape of Camtasia 2019.

Here are the main features in this release:

Camtasia 2019 has a lot of improvements spanning the breadth of the product. Here’s the full list of release notes:

  • Added ability to automatically adjust audio levels with defined Loudness Units Full Scale (LUFS) normalization.
  • Added new mouse cursor effect to smooth out cursor movements
  • Expanded number of customizable product hotkeys and shortcuts
  • Added direct integration with TechSmith Video Review service
  • Added new Block Text style for annotations
  • Added properties to adjust vertical and horizontal text spacing in annotations
  • Added Whip Spin transition  
  • Add ability to include logos and images to Themes
  • Added additional device frames for download in TechSmith Assets
  • Added “Open in Camtasia” option for TechSmith Asset downloads
  • Added Outline Edges, Mosaic, and Color Tint to Visual Effects (Mac)
  • Added TouchBar interactions for New Project, New Recording, Open Project, Start Recording, Stop Recording, Pause Recording, Scrub timeline, Split video, Split All, Next Media, and Previous Media (Mac)
  • Improved SmartFocus functionality
  • Updated Canvas preset sizes to match more modern devices and platforms
  • Added support for importing and using PDF files (Windows)
  • Added batch project export option (Mac)
  • Added new device frames (free & paid) to the TechSmith Asset Store.
  • Added option to hide desktop icons during recording (Mac)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Camtasia Recorder to record a black frame at the beginning of recording (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue preventing H.263-encoded mp4s from playing back properly (Windows)
  • Fixed a problem that impacted editing performance on systems with Intel Integrated graphics processors when scaling down large images (Windows)
  • Fixed a problem that impacted editing performance on systems with Intel Integrated graphics processors when applying Behaviors to text callouts (Windows)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while editing a clip with both a stitch and the clip speed effect applied (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause audio clips to seek incorrectly across splits (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause colors to decode incorrectly on some users' machines (Mac)
  • Retired FTP output. (Windows)
  • Retired ability to add new Legacy Callouts to a project.
  • Retired ability to add (old) Device Frames to a project. (Mac)
I’m providing some additional details about a few features of Camtasia 2019 below.

Consistent Audio Leveling

Our automatic audio leveling solution delivers consistent audio levels between clips and from project to project. Never worry about blowing out your ears when watching back to back Camtasia videos you’ve produced.

If you’re interested in an in depth explanation of our audio leveling solution, please view the video below provided by one of the Camtasia engineers who worked on this feature.

Cursor Smoothing

Cursor Smoothing is an effect that can be added to any media on the timeline that contains mouse cursor data, similar to Cursor Highlight and Cursor Magnify.

Also similar to other cursor effects, the Smoothing effect can be trimmed, and multiple effects can be added to a single media.

What does it do?

In short, cursor smoothing tries to detect the "important" locations on the screen where you've moved your mouse, and transitions between these locations as seamlessly as possible.

How are "important" locations decided?

There are two factors we take into consideration:

  • Clicks: These tend to be the most important parts of mouse movement, so we use them as a basis for smoothing. In other words, at its most basic level, cursor smoothing will simply make the cursor move smoothly from one click location to the next click location.
  • Pauses: During testing, we found that it was very useful to also try and detect the places where the cursor has simply stopped moving. For example, if you've clicked on a text field, then moved the cursor away so it doesn't block the field while you're typing, we try to detect that and account for it. Note that cursor pauses can be toggled off, but are turned on by default.
What are my options?

There are (currently) four ways that cursor smoothing can be adjusted. These can be changed in the Cursor Smoothing properties panel:

    Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

    Camtasia 2019 allows you to customize 10x the number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Camtasia. It’s already a fan favorite internally on our product team. We hope more advanced editors will see the same productivity gains we are enjoying.

    Adding Logos to Themes

    Camtasia now allows you to include logos as part of your custom created themes. Make sure you include your company logo in all of your themes!

    PDF Support

    You can now import and use PDF files on Camtasia Windows and Mac. PDF is an excellent vector graphics format that allows users to scale graphics to any resolution without loss of quality. No more jaggies! Multi-page pdf files are not supported. 

    Improved Text Formatting

    Camtasia now supports vertical and horizontal text spacing. Control the space between characters vertically and the space between lines of text horizontally.

    There’s also a new Block Style formatting option. Pro tip, right click on your text on the canvas and choose Apply Block Text Style from the context menu.

    New Device Frames

    Do yourself a favor and head over to Asset Store and download the brand new device frames that have been added there. Super polished and oh so useful. At the very least, grab up the free ones that TechSmith is providing to all Camtasia customers.

    Thanks again for all of your support. Building this product for you means the world to us. We hope you enjoy!


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    Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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    Posted 1 year ago

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    Thanks for the update and especially all of the bug fixes!

    BTW, your link to Camtasia updates actually takes you to SnagIT updates.
    Should be:

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    Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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    Eeek, GetSat messed up my link. Thanks for the heads up. I think it should be corrected now.
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    I've been using 2019 for a couple of days now and I'm not impressed. The performance is painfully slower than 2018. Simple tasks such as splicing a project or removing a highlighted portion constantly gets the beach ball. Looks like this version is not ready for prime time!
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    Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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    Sorry to hear that's been your experience. We would really appreciate it if you contacted our support team, opened up a ticket and provided the specs on the machine, OS and project. Our support folks are great and if there's an issue we can reproduce we'll get bug opened for it and fix it.

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    Steve Power

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    I have provided the ticket today after problems importing media to v19. Couldn’t use edit from PowerPoint because main Camtasia application wouldn’t open when edit button pressed. Never had this many problems with a new Camtasia release before
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    I'm also having serious issues with Camtasia 2019 that makes it unusable (Mojave - Macbook Pro 16 gb ram)

    I'm constantly getting the beachball occurring when editing, and now after saving, closing and re-opening my project won't play.... somethings definitely going on with the 2019 release...
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    Russ Marini

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    exactly same problem i had, I went back to the old version. Much better
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    When will you start to sell Camtasia2019 on app store?? There is only 2018.
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    Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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    We're working on it. Apple has changed some things recently, so we're going back and forth with them at moment.
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    Still having major issues with the spinning beachball appearing regularly and freezing Camtasia 2019, despite support suggesting to delete my plist files and restarting.

    Camtasia 2019 is totally unusable right now, going back to Camtasia 2018 - when will 2019 be stable on a mac?
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    Brooks, Camtasia Technical Product Manager

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    Hello Simon,

    Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. We haven't been getting a flood of reports like this. Definitely not the experience we want. Please open a support ticket so our techs can troubleshoot the issue. If you're experiencing a bug, they will get it filed, we'll triage and fix it. If it's one off system issues, they are very experienced at helping identify / fix issues.


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    Just bought Camtasia about 4 months ago, do I get a free upgrade?
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    I applied the changes to my system folder as recommended. It improved things for about a day, then the performance went back to the beach ball again. Edits seem to get worse over time. I'd hate to have to clear my system libraries each time I need to work on Camtasia. A fix is definitely needed!

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    The most recent update to 2019 that was just released seems to have fixed the beach ball issue with editing. Thank you!
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    Does not look like there are improvements to the mediocre closed captions support. But are there?
    Can I import and export VTT? And export to VTT?

    The 2018 edition of  Camtasia does not have good Closed Caption editing features. It is somewhat bare bones.

    One example is: When I click Add Caption, it adds it at the VERY END of the project, does not insert it at timeline. That kind of thing. No Qualiy of Life at all over this and editing CC is much more of a pain in this software than it had to  be.

    For all the authoring tools I find out there, closed captioning is always the red headed step child that is included so one can tick off the Section 508 tick box in the marketing material.


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