Camtasia 3 and Google Drive: Bad_Request error (x6)

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Today I tried to import some media from Google Drive to Camtasia 9 on my Mac. I guess this was working at one point a year or so ago, when I signed in with Account #1. Now I'd like to import media from Account #2, but all I get in Camtasia is a File Open Panel (where I appear to be signed in to Account #1), and this error message pops up. 

When I dismiss this error six times in a row (yes, it takes that many OK's to disappear), I appear to be signed in to Account #1. When I click "sign out", a Safari window opens, prompting me to sign in to Google Drive. I select Account #2, I grant everything that's requested, and receive a message in Safari saying "You're signed in - go back to Camtasia".

I do that, full of hope, only to experience the same as above (i.e. I get the above error SIX TIMES, I'm signed in to Account #1, and signing out starts the eternal loop of evil).

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
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  • eternally trapped in an evil loop of hell

Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Jay, I can think of a few ways to work around this.

--- method 1 ---
Might want to go to the google drive website, and download the needed files to a separate offline folder, sounds like you may need to do this twice if you have files in 2 accounts that you want to use in one project.

With the files local, you can edit them problem free in Camtasia.

When you're done, if you want them to sit in google drive, you can open the google drive website and upload them back.

--- method 2 ---

If everything you need is in the same google drive, you can install the google drive app on your mac. It will sync your google drive locally, then you can just open and save files in camtasia to your local google drive folder and the google drive app will take care of syncing it back to google's servers. I believe you can selectively sync just a folder or two if you do not want your whole google drive copied down.

- Jack
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Thanks Jack,

I guess what I'm trying to do is simply sign out of Account #1 and use Account #2 instead for good. Currently, although I appear to be signed in to Account #1, I can't access anything that's "in the cloud", even if I try to sign in again via Camtasia.

I'm guessing some authorisation token is outdated or unhappy or confused.

I have the files I need locally indeed, so I'm using those from the hard disk. Google Drive would make my life a bit easier because I'm working across multiple platforms - but like you said, it's nothing a handy USB thumb drive won't fix.