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Hello TechSmith Community!

Recently there has been growing demand for Camtasia to record and produce videos in 60 FPS. It is safe to say that this request is on our radar and is currently being investigated. We have done initial prototyping of high frame rate recording and production functionality to determine the level of technical investment required to add these capabilities to a future version of Camtasia. The current plan is to continue investigating options, in the hopes of adding high fps functionality into a future update of Camtasia.

We will stay plugged in to this topic and feedback as we work towards a solution. Please continue to share your thoughts and comments about your specific needs related to 60 FPS recording and video production.

-Team TechSmith
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Posted 3 years ago

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As part of our continuing conversation about the future roadmap of Camtasia, we want to let you know that 60 frames per second support for screen recording, timeline editing, and video production are a high priority on our backlog for a future release of Camtasia (after the next major release – not included in the next major).

Due to the increasing trend of devices supporting higher frame rate video recording, video hosting sites supporting higher frame rate videos, and higher frame rates in high motion screen recordings, TechSmith is committed to supporting all necessary aspects of “60 frames per second” functionality.

We don’t have a date for when this support will be released. At this time, we want to focus on getting the UI, performance, and workflows correct versus committing to a release date.

We would appreciate any feedback you care to leave within this post to let us know of your specific “60 frames per second” needs including general ideas, workflows, processes, hardware and software you use, etc.

Thanks so much.

Kelly Mullins
Customer Engagement
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So how to render in 60fps on camtasia studio 9?
even camtasia studio 8 was abble to do that, and now in camtasia 9 i cant find how to render on 60fps
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled 60fps lag problem.

Hi! I recently recorded with my phone (iPhone 6s) in 60fps. The problem is that Camtasia (studio 8) when I overview the 60fps footage Camtasia starts lagging up the video in canvas. I really need help, please leave answer as soon as you can! Thanks.
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Hi Erik, since Camtasia does not fully support 60fps footage, I have a workaround that has a good chance of success.  And this should work for almost any kind of video file that Camtasias struggles with.  Using the free Handbrake (  you should be able to follow these steps below with some decent success.  
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Are you kidding me? This program has a long history of bugs... the "Unable to Save" problems goes back more than 1/2 a decade and it still isn't fixed (I'm having problems on both V3 on the Mac AND the latest PC version. This program is unreliable and more than one time I've had to revert to using Vegas to finish a client project since Camtasia is too unreliable. If your work is a mile away, would you rather have a car that screams for 15 feet or one that gets you there?
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Ok, so now you're POSTING blog articles about something your product can't even do:

That is a little ridiculous isn't it?
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Hmmm...   IMHO, there are more important things to do than 60fps.  While I'm sure it's sexy, more everyday problems like insufficient contrast in the UI and making the colors in the UI adjustable will have a larger, if less exciting impact. 
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I missing using Camtasia for putting intros and stuff together for YouTube videos. I was testing it as an editing solution. Very nice interface, easy to set up, easy to produce. But when I tried to move to 60fps, Camtasia fell flat on it's face not to mention posts saying that 30fps was all we needed. I was hoping the 2+ years since would have seen an update to allow for editing and exporting at 60fps (or more) but it seems being pretty and allowing for adjustable UI colors is more important than what many customers are clamoring for. I'm going to stick with OBS for recording and HitFilm for editing. The learning curve for HitFilm is a lot higher, but Camtasia has been left so far in the dust, it's going to either fail as a product (except for those people who thing 30fps is fine) or by time they finally do figure out how to do 60fps export/editing, we'll be at 4k 120 as the standard and Camtasia will STILL be in the rear of the pack.
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If you're not fully invested in Camtasia, I suggest you move to HitFilm Express. It's got a steeper learning curve than Camtasia but you have professional-level control of your FPS. It's also free, but you can expand it by buying modules. Camtasia has a nicer interface, overall, but it lacks a lot of the modern features we need.
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Thanks Curt. Will try out, also looking for an alternative to Snagit. Do you have a recommendation. Brian
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I usually just hit SHIFT+PRT SCR and use Paint.Net to edit/trim (or Paint Shop Pro), but you can just Google Snagit alternative and you'll find something.
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[...]high priority on our backlog for a future release of Camtasia (after the next major release – not included in the next major)[...]
When would this be? 12 or 24 months? 
I can only guess, that implementing 60fps support would mean to touch all core functions (resolution of editor, effects, gui) and not "only" rendering. 

I was about to purchase Camtasia, but the missing support for 60fps is really a job stopper for me.
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Not having 60 FPS is a deal killer for anyone in the teaching / tutorial space for sports or action... I'm using Camtasia less & less, sadly.
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What would be a great substitute for Camtasia? I've been using it for years now and would like to move to 60fps. I mostly do screen recordings of guides/tutorials, and I think Vegas or Premiere is a bit overkill. Anyone have any suggestions for editors that can do 60fps and isn't that complicated to learn?
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Curt Woodard

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I moved to HitFilm Express. It's free and has the same, if not more, functionality than Camtasia.
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I took a look at it and it really has a lot of functionality. I'm a bit torn now, there's Camtasia - with a set of features, adapted for easy handling and production of tutorial videos - and there is HitFilm Express which boasts with video effects, features  and control, you'd probably need for the production of sci-fi "Blockbuster" movies. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled When will Camtasia 9 support 60fps?.

This post: Was from 1 year, come on Camtasia developers, its the end of 2016, not 2014, Youtube supports 60 fps, Facebook supports video profile images. I'll have to go back to 8 because the .mov 60 fps, but 9 feels very nice and lovely (congrats to that).
I think getting 60 fps for your editor will make you a lot of money (because people leave if your editor doesn't support 60 fps, but Camtasia is very easy to use but can't have 60fps). So please, make your editor export 60 fps videos.
And you had to make Camtasia 9 without 60 fps, instead of updating 8 until you have 60fps support and make a big release like "Camtasia 9 now with 60 fps and a better UI!" geez sorry if I was too harsh, but this is a big problem, everything now supports 60 and more, step up Techsmith... you will get more if you have 60 fps.
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Will the 60 fps be a free upgrade for camtasia 9 owners??
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I think you need to read the first reply.

are a high priority on our backlog for a future release of Camtasia (after the next major release – not included in the next major).
So not in version 10, but maybe in version 11, probably 6 to 8 years into the future based on past release cycles. By which time Adobe Premiere will probably be generating holograms.

You get free upgrades within a version. Usually there is a period of grace where if you buy version x and version x+1 is released (say) the following Monday, you'll get an upgrade (if I remember correctly). But no, I would not expect version 9 users to get a free upgrade to version 11 even assuming that 60fps does indeed make it into version 11.

And to be fair, I don't think it would be a reasonable expectation.

If 60fps came out in a release of V9, then maybe... but clearly that isn't the plan.

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