Camtasia 8.4 has MANY ISSUES!

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Issues in Camtasia 8.4 are numerous.  
  • Un-usable editing features if you do not have a discrete GPU.  The only way you can acutally preview any basic transitions or call-outs is to render the entire project and see if they work!  Massive time consumption.  Keep in mind, TechSmith only recommends CPU speed and RAM plus OS.  They are totally clueless about GPU.  It is a game-changer when it comes to editing screen refresh / redraw.  Get with it!
  • Almost all of the support tutorials are using Cam 7.  Many features shown are NOT the same
  • When you want to post to Screencast, 8.4 DOES NOT give you many options like hotspot integration, watermark addition...none.  
  • Part of the "magic" in integrating 8.4 and SC, as I was told, is that SC knows that a project is being sent from 8.4 and WILL AUTOMATICALLY create all the set ups in the background.  To date...NO
  • Now, getting to the on-line information.  If you go to Screencast for upload options, it tells you to go to the software for information (meaning help in 8.4)  8.4's help is reverting back to the SAME INFORMATION that SC gave.  You get stuck in a support looping void!
Our company has been cutting edge in media streaming.  We have a very powerful server that handles 100's of broadcast media every month for online awards judging.  We designed that ourselves.  Now we want to be able to produce educational content (like does) and have taken 3 weeks to get 1 tutorial edited and posted.  NO SUCCESS YET!!!

Also, trying to follow conflicting information on how to run the same Smart Player applications from our own server is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE!  I can only assume they have not developed a plug-in that automates this upload to server process is that they want you to pay for SC.  OK, I'll play that game, if only SC DID WHAT IT IS SUPPOSE TO DO!!!

I'd don't care about the purchase price...I just want to get my arms around a system and move FORWARD.  Camtasia edges out the competition (Captivate and Articulation) by focusing on a timeline based editing format as opposed to a PP type slide process.  It's a lot more intuitive that way.  Kudos for that.

We use very powerful music production DAW's with easy and stability.  Running VST instruments and effects plug-in's is a lot more demanding on a system then 8.4, and our DAW's allow us to run video to score to.  All on fast machines running XP Media SP3+, Vista Business or WIN 8.1  TechSmith, there is a lot to be learned from other timeline editing products that run rings around your system!  Try it

I invite everyone reading this post to share their trials AND tribulations so TechSmith support gets behind their newest product.  Keep in mind, industry standards for software R&D and release is to put out a buggy version and let the end-user debug it for them.  Saves time and $$ on having to vet it in-house.  Join in! 
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I concur. I felt when this version came out it was still in beta. No release should have as many issues as this one did/does. I purchased Camtasia because it was touted to meet my needs, just learning it, upgraded to the new version and have ever since been disappointed. Add to that extremely weak color correction, single stage in removing background color and with so few controls and horrible audio correction options, I am not looking at other programs. They may have a steeper learning curve, but the trial software actually works. That is how it is supposed to be. I had hoped for more than an introductory program. On the other hand, if you can find work arounds with OTHER programs is can lead to a fairly acceptable output, but I should not have to go outside the program to accomplish what the advertisements "suggest" it capable of doing. I know I am not alone with this point of view.
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Well put VL!  As stated, we have been in commercial music production using software for 22 years!  Very powerful programs (Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer, Sound Forge) and TS could take home a lot of workflow studies from them!

Test:  I just now created a short test project that included:  A PP produced logo roll-in (output from PP 365 as a mp4)...a few simple transitions in the timeline of a live instructor talking head as a video file (also mp4) and added 1 hotspot that should click on and take you to a URL.  

I followed EVERY SINGLE step to produce it to SC.  It rendered fine, uploaded fine to SC, but the hotspot DID NOT WORK?!!

Because we are so use to editing in the timeline format, Camtasia was a natural!  But we are also adapt to working in the PP model of content in slides and timeline the slides.  I don't care about cost, I can about learning curve time and putting the effort into getting up to speed with a process.  I don't see it being Camtasia!
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One more thing:  The fact that Camtasia (TechSmith) are clueless to integrated GPU's / CPU's is tragic!  Almost all of today's go-to laptops DO NOT have a discrete GPU.  You need to go to a machine that has a GPU seperate from the CPU.  Like an Alienware ($$$) or an MSI ($$$$) to get that feature.  Even most desktops use the CPU / GPU combination.

My laptop for this editing is a Toshiba / Quad Core / 2.6g / 8 gig RAM / 1T SATA / 7200 / WIN 8.1 OS.  Well above their recommended specs

To demonstrate the disconnect between TS and the real-world, they requested I send a project to them via ZIP file so they could test it in their editors.  Result:  It ran fine for them (note: They use desktops with discrete GPU's, WIN 7 OS / Dual cores / 2.0g / 16 gig RAM)  Not only did they miss the GPU issue, but they sent the zipo up the ladder to Senior Developers and the response was "he's using Cam 8.0!!!"  Bull, I have 8.4.3!  Pretty bad!  Just saying...
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YES! 8.4.4 is riddled with issues. I've discovered a HUGE memory leak with producible steps as I mention here:

You seem to be in a bind. We were able to get 8.3.0 working. You can get it from here:

Since it looks like you've been unable to create / produce anything in 8.4.4, that's actually good in my opinion. They changed up the recording file formats so if you had a lot of content in there, you'd be in a bind because 8.3.0 won't read the 8.4.4 content.

To get going . . . start with a fresh install of 8.3.0. In general, after each major task, close the application down and restart it. In this way, you will avoid crashes and goofed up files. Also, make sure you turn off the auto save feature so if it does crash it won't save crap down over your good, last save.

For example, after recording a screen capture session, save the project and close Camtasia studio immediately. Then open it back up and do all your cuts. Save, close and open back up. Do all your zooms. Save, close, open back up and do other things if needed. Finally, do your last Save, Close, Open before you start producing. We have had NO CRASHES when following this crazy approach . . . sounds like voo doo but IT WORKS FOR US!!!

In this way, we've been able to record and produce without crashes.

Best of luck to you . . . as you can see from my post above . . . we were shocked this release even made it out the door . . . someone was asleep at the wheel . . . 

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