Camtasia 8.4 won't record full screen games and doesn't have the "aero" option.

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So I have Camtasia 8.4 on a windows 8 and I have been trying to find some way to record full screen games without getting the black screen of death. The only solutions I can find on here are from 2-3 years ago telling people to click off the "aero option" which isn't even listed on my version. So come on guys, I could use some help. I only have 24 days left in my trial and I want to know whether or not this program will just be a waste of money or not. Lemme know asap. 
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Posted 5 years ago

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When you have the recorder open, before you actually click to begin recording, try clicking Tools > Options.

From the General tab, see if enabling the option "Capture layered windows" helps. And if you still have issues, see if enabling the option "Disable Aero during capture" helps.

Cheers... Rick :)
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You don't get it. She doesn't have the setting diable aero!
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If you can't play your game in "Windowed Mode" You will not be able to record it. That's the long and short of it. Camtasia was not designed for gamers. You can record and edit  video games cheaper, without purchasing Camtasia.

Sad but true, you could use fraps, edit it in camtasia or get another video editing program for your editing needs. Download the free version of Fraps and and it will let you make 30 second recordings. That way you could test it in Camtasia.

 Fraps is only $37 if you purchase it. Camtasia only supports 30fps recordings at this time. It's really not designed for gamers.  

Corel "VS 7 Pro" is a decent editor that you can pick up for under $50 from Corel right now. You can get a 30 day free trial as well.  Amazon has Corel "VS 7 Ultimate" on sale for $52 quite often. That's the one you really want, but Amazon doesn't have a free trial. So take advantage of the free trial through Corel, and if it works for you. Purchase the Ultimate version through Amazon. If you are in the USA anyway.  See Images Below, Click to Enlarge.  VS7 is 64 bit and can handle high frame rates. 

The reason you cannot  "Disable Aero during capture" is because Windows 8 doesn't use the Areo theme. Areo was a resource hog and a drain on lower powered CPU's. That's why it's been replaced. That's also why the option to disable it is unavailable to you. 

Regards, Joe

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Thanks Joe that was extremely helpful!
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I would have to agree with Joe but also what Rick had to say as there are some people who have had luck in recording games. But, as Joe stated Camtasia Studio is not a software for recording games it only has the 30fps and it can be changed but when rendered does not matter. It is mainly a screen recording software with some extra video editing options which are a nice feature when using Camtasia Studio. I have always suggested people use FRAPS when wanting to record their online games and then edit in Camtasia Studio or another video editing software of their choice. Thanks for posting and have a great day.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Screen recording in full screen.

I want to record a game, with steam, and when I try to record the screen of the game, it doesn't show it. The game is in full screen, what do I do?
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Hi Zelda Lover,

There are some suggestions in this thread that might help, but some games are not able to be recorded full-screen with Camtasia as it was not designed for this purpose. If these suggestions don't work, you may need to look into another recorder, also suggested above. Thanks!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How to Record Gameplay for Dark Souls II.

I'm running Windows 7 with Camtasia Studio 8. When I begin recording, it automatically disables Aero during capture. But it turns out once I start running DS 2, Camtasia only records a white screen, as the finished product.

Anyone got any ideas on what a solution might be, aside from running it in Fullscreen Windowed (because A: DS 2 doesn't have that specific option; and B: I am perfectly able to record Dark Souls 1 in Fullscreen no problem, so why would it be an issue here)?
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I've merged your question into this thread because there is some discussion here that may help you. Unfortunately, some games cannot be recorded full-screen with Camtasia, simply because it was not designed as a game recorder. It sounds like Dark Souls II is one of those, and since you've already tried the suggestion to disable Aero during capture and windowed mode doesn't seem to be an option, you may need to look to another program to record your game and instead use Camtasia to edit the resulting recordings. There are a few suggestions for recorders above. Thanks!
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Actually no, they can. I know a friend who was doing this. And i couldn't