Camtasia 8: Removing empty space after cutting a few seconds from the beginning or end

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I cut the first several seconds of a PowerPoint recording using Camtasia 8, although the project began as a Camtasia 7 project. Instead of sliding everythijg to the left so that my actual content starts at 0.0, there's a ten-second blank at the start. There's nothing there. It is just empty space. How do I fix that? Thanks.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Position the playhead at your audio clips position. Based on your "Uploaded Image"
Grab the green handle of the playhead and slide it to the left.

Continue sliding the green handle until it's all the way to the left and select "Cut"

That's it, your done.


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For next time, use the little green and red markers on either side of the playhead to make your selection. Then press Ctrl+X and the space should be removed with all content sliding left to fill the void.

As you are past that, I might suggest pressing Ctrl+A to select everything on the timeline, then just click and drag to eliminate the gap.

Cheers... Rick :)
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I was trying to amend with "Ctrl + A" but couldn't because your response blocked me out, oh well.Got her done.That's the goal.LOL
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OMG thank you. This thread just saved me so much time on a training video I am editing. 
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Didn't see you standing there, Joe. LOL
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Hi all!

There are some great answers here, though another that's not been mentioned is to place the playhead at the start of your content, hold Shift then drag it back to 00:00 on the timeline.


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I used to automatically use the method that Joe and Rick described, but I've occasionally encountered... idiosyncrasies, shall we say, since I moved to the V9 series. I usually leave some space at the beginning to insert the opening credits (more than I needed), later add them, then I used to clear the excess space by using the Ctrl X method. 

The problem is that not once, but at least twice, some of the annotations on some tracks didn't shift. (No, the tracks weren't locked.) The ones that were in the visible area of the timeline did; I saw them move. But when I was doing the final play-through (or what was SUPPOSED to be) I found that the later annotations (which was about half an hour's worth) were appearing late. By the amount that I clipped. Coincidence? I doubt it.

So that was about half an hour of manually re-editing, and my lord there were some cuss words used that day. I thought it possible that I had just somehow (though I couldn't figure out how) screwed up the cut... but then it happened again.

If I could reproduce this reliably I'd obviously report it as a bug, but thus far I haven't been able to and don't have the time to try to reproduce what was happening at the time. But what I have noticed is that it hasn't happened since I stopped using Ctrl + X (I don't need anything to go to the clipboard anyway) and have started using Ctrl + Delete (Windows version; Cmd+Shift+X on the Mac) for Ripple Delete instead whenever I want to just obliterate a section of time.

(I'm aware that this is a C8 question (where ripple delete was done a little differently), but it will certainly be viewed by C9 users as well.)