Camtasia 9.1.1 editing limits?

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I am doing the simplest of editing. That is, a single video (.mp4) track of 1h 15m (now cut to 49m), no more than 5 annotations, and just a lot of cuts.

I've noticed that as I continue to make cuts, the time delay went from instantaneous up to 2 or more seconds for the Camtasia interface to process the cut.

The .tscproj file is now 1.1kb with 26000 lines and I'm very concerned that as this file grows (I still have about another 100 cuts to make), Camtasia will eventually fail.

Just how robust is Camtasia? Why is it having so much trouble for such a simple project? I expect that Camtasia should be able to handle much more sophisticated editing.

In regards to my workstation:
- Windows 10 (latest edition) 64 bit
- 32 GB RAM (48% used)
- Plenty of HD space.
- Camtasia is currently using 3GB - which seems like a LOT! (memory leaks?)

Next, I will restart Camtasia and see if that helps.
- all memory was released.
- starting up, it immediately grabbed 752MB.
- cut a 1.2 second piece but STILL, Camtasia took about 2 seconds to complete this task!
- even though the memory usage hasn't jumped up, the delay during a cut request is still quite significant.
- I also tested a fresh video and cuts are instant. So, did I reach the limit in the number of operations allowed saved in a project file (.tscproj)?

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Posted 2 years ago

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relax; you're not about to over stress Camtasia; the behaviors you're seeing are normal and expected

I've pushed the Camtasia 9 editor well into the outer limits, and still got the job done; and my laptop PC is no where as robust as yours

example ...

how about a project with 5,700 hotspot callouts?  75+ tracks

its tscproj file had 1,247,286 lines of code; was 60.5 MB

the project took 5 min 30 sec to load; each edit [near the end of project build out] took 7 min 30 sec to process

be aware that the time to process an edit is due to the need to update and rewrite the tscproj, which is a XML-like text file [think database]

I have not seen any evidence of memory leaks, etc

side bar ...

years ago, back in CS5, as a tear-the-wings-off test, I once built out a 3 hour, many edits project that took forever to process every cut; the camproj was only 5 MB; at the end of that project build out, each timeline cut took 16 hours to process [YES - I REALLY MEAN 16 HOURS]; not something I recommend; and it made a good production
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I have noticed that when I press ctrl/x - there is less time than when I click the scissors icon.  Maybe it's the method?

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what do you mean by "there is less time"?
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Break the project into 2 smaller ones. Less than ideal but allows for more responsive editing.  I do find Camtasia 9 bogs down (e.g. right clicking on item in Media Bin and waiting for the menu to appear) with shorter projects (around 30 minutes) than Camtasia 8 did (around 60 minutes before it would bog down), presumably because Camtasia 9 is a much larger project file because of its new XML structure.