Camtasia 9..1.1 (Windows): Cannot Stop Voice Narration Once It Is Started

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This issue was reported more than a year ago for 9.0.1. I'm using 9.1.1, so I'm opening a new topic...

- Windows 10
- I7 1.8 GHz CPU
- 8 GB RAM
- latest drivers (provided via Techsmith tech support)
- Camtasia 9.1.1 Build 2546

5 to 10 minute video (although video length apparently is not the trigger)
Several (2 to 3) instances of RECORD NARRATION / CANCEL 

After re-recording any length of narration (typically 1 to 2 minutes) 2 or 3 times, I cannot stop subsequent narration by clicking CANCEL or STOP.

Camtasia is not responsive to any action (i.e. close window, file | exit, etc,)

The only workaround is to either:
- Just sit there for 5 to 8 minutes - Camtasia eventually responds and I can cancel or save the narration. - OR -
- Terminate Camtasia thru task manager and reboot. Simply restarting Camtasia does not resolve.

However, either of these options can easily take 5 minutes or longer.

Have been working with Techsmith tech supp. Current troubleshooting with tech support:
- prior to this issue, did a repair on Camtasia 9.1.1
- installed latest drivers (no change)
- they are reviewing dump files (however, Camtasia doesn't actually crash and there's only 1 dump file from a month ago).

I'm at a critical phase of my project (doing all the voiceovers) - any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

- Wanted to find out if anyone else is having this issue with 9.1.1. 
- Has anyone tried using a third party audio recorder as a workaround? (this obviously presents timing issues, as I need to run both the third party tool and Camtasia (to time the narration).

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Posted 2 years ago

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I use voice narration all the time in 9.1.1.; have not seen the issue you describe

but you can effectively use free Audacity for voice narration ...

Camtasia Tutorials

filter using "Audacity" in the TOC search box

pick you selection and play that item [# 20-11]

tutorial made when using CS8 but still applicable with CS9
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I use Audacity It is great and free!  Then bring into Camtasia.  I actually break up the narration into smaller more manageable chunks leaving enough space between so I can modify.  Remove other narration so you don't have competing narration.    I hope this helps. 
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Many thanks! I've used Audacity in the past - just haven't tried importing it into Camtasia.

Any tips on running Camtasia concurrently with Audacity to manage timing / transitions? Or do you simply keep the audio shorter than the visual tracks so you don't run over...
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Sorry, was out on vacation. It depends on what you need.  If I record my audio at the same time it is generally used for what I call "scratch audio (not to be used for the final product)". 

Two ways to go:  There are times when I know what I want to cover and do the audio recording first, then setup/match the screen recordings to the audio.  Other times I do the reverse. Both times I am looking for the best audio.  So good voice over is done separately where I can control what is said and fix problems.  I also meant to mention that when I am going for the GOOD voice over,  I use Audition to sweeten/fix audio (Audacity has ability to improve the recordings but I prefer Audition for that) , then bring the end product into Camtasia.  The extra steps/time is what I need for my videos.  

I hope this helps. 
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I had this very issue last night. Using Narration to record ~20 -30 second sound bites to align over a pre recorded screen capture.
First two worked ok..(record audio, stop, name it, realign it in the track, snip the end off to remove button click)... the next 6 would not stop recording when I hit stop. 
Only way I got it working was to kill Camtasia with the cross in top right... this forced a save of the audio (thankfully) and closed Camtasia.. 
I then had to relaunch Camtasia, reload the project, then edit the Audio (remove swearing and key board hitting). 
Very annoying as made the odd mistake in audio so trying to 'quickly' redo was an ordeal .
On windows 10 - Camtasia 9.0.1 Build 1422... ( having only just installed it, surprised it is not  higher version) 

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Hi all, seeing the same on 9.05 build 2021 x64, Win10
Sometimes it seems if I either alt+tab away and back really quick and then start clicking stop like mad it will *sometimes* pick it up. Or.. Maybe the influence is just a figment of my imagination. Either way, this is MADDENING! Dear TechSmith people, if you haven't already done so in a newer release, for the love of whatever Deities you hold sacred, please fix this before I lose my mind!

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I agree, Max. I just started experiencing this problem and it is definitely maddening. I am using Windows 8.1, so I know it's not a Windows 10 problem.
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This workaround seems working almost consinstently for me: when the stop/ button is no more reacting, without clicking anything else I hover the mouse over some visual element reacting to mouse hover of another application. For example I hover on Google Chrome tabs or another button normally reacting to mouse hover. I think this reset Camtasia window: when I return to it the cancel/stop button work. I'm using Camtasia 9.0.3

Video here: