CAMTASIA 9 | Amount of Extra File-Size for Recording with Keyboard Input?

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I wanted to ask a question regarding the Camtasia 9 Recorder; How much would my file-size increase if I were to enable "Capture Keyboard Input" in my settings (for a .trec file type)? 

For example; if I were to record a 20-minute long tutorial video, would the file-size be significantly larger than ones without the Keyboard Input? 

Attached below is a screenshot of what I'm referring to;

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Nicollo Abe

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Posted 3 years ago

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Nicollo that is a great question and I wish I could answer that for you. I am not sure if it makes a difference in the File Size or not. However, with that being said one thing you could do is to record just a small video with the Capture Keyboard Input selected and then another one without it selected and then compare the difference in file size ? I may have to do this myself now as you have peaked my interest as to whether or not it makes a difference.

If this is not the answer you were looking for or need more help then you could ask TechSmith Support and see what they have to say or if they respond which they usually do but may suggest trying the method above or not. Here is the support information below for you and it is free and they usally have a great response time within 48 hours unless it is Holiday Time.

TechSmith Support

Support ticket link:

Our Customer Service Team can be contacted by phone at:
Phone: +1.517.381.2300 ext. 636
Toll Free: 888-750-0686
(U.S. & Canada Only)
We are open Mon-Fri, 8AM-7PM Eastern Standard Time.

I hope you like and found this post helpful and thanks for posting and please post back your results if you try the above mentioned method or contact support for others to see that might have this same question. Have a great day/night and looking forward to seeing you feedback and post back here.

Best Regards ~Fred.
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Nicollo Abe

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Hello Fred,

I had the chance to test this out for myself, and here are the results;

Recording settings for each .trec file:
+ 2 minute length
+ Fullscreen (1920 x 1080)
+ System Audio Enabled
+ Framerate @ 30

And here are my findings:
+ 72MB total (without Recorded Keyboard Input)
+ 84MB total (with Recorded Keyboard Input)
+ 12MB difference between the two .trec files

If I were to predict how much file-size I would expect for a lengthier video, I could put these findings into a ratio of 72:84, simplified to 1:1.17 ratio for a 2-minute video

I can then use this ratio to predict the file-size for a 40-minute video; 
40 min. / 2 min. = 20 x 1.17 (ratio) = 23.4 x 84MB (original file size) = 1,965.6MB for a 40-minute video with Recorded Keyboard Input. 

Versus; 40 min. / 2 min. = 20 x 72MB = 1,440MB for a 40-minute video without Recorded Keyboard Input. 

Therefore, having 565.6MB difference. 

I could definitely be wrong with my calculations, so feel free to correct me! However, it is also really cool to know how much data it consumes by just enabling that feature. 

- Nicollo

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Hello Nicollo. I am glad you gave that a try and seen what the differences were and I appreciate you posting it back and having communication and the feedback. I will agree with you on the math as it has been many years since I have done figures like that. Keep us updated and if you have any further questions please feel free to post them here and I know I will do what I can to help or even sometimes get help with something. I cannot say that I know it all and never will as together we all learn new things everyday in my opinion.

Thanks again for posting back and have a great day/night.

Best Regards ~ Fred.