Camtasia 9 feature requests, debug, enhancements and improvements

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  1. Camtasia 9 and recorder freeze and quit if left alone for more than 20 min.

  2. After recording (when previewing a recording) "save action" places the clip into the media bin (with no indication of there being a new file and no highlighting) - the clip should be auto placed into the timeline the way camtasia  previously worked.

  3. the clip name covers up the audio when mirror is turned on

  4. The left edge of the clip is too small and "precise" to easily grab and manipulate for drag actions. (needs a wider buffer zone or handle at start and end of each clip)

  5. CTRL+z removes items from the bin,
    it should not undo the addition of items from the bin, only edits to the timeline
    (or, there should be a preferance option for this)

  6. The timeline does not detect the sideways L/R scrolling of advanced mouse interactions.

  7. blank space, the height of at least 1 track should be scroll-able vertically when reaching the V bottom of the timeline. (only way to do this is add a track below)

  8. when splitting a clip
    an option to select all items on the timeline after the cut needs to be added. 
    (like Premiere rolling edit tool)

  9. Ability to save and name presets for cursor properties,
    a hamburger icon with "save preset" and the option to name it and save it to account preferences to TEMP/Local/Roaming... ect...
    ( so it can be carried across multiple videos )

  10. NUDGE using arrows - when no clip is selected pressing arrows will nudge the play-head 1 frame at a time for precise edits.
    (or, a MACRO/keybaord assignment panel in preferences)

  11. "unknown error" after doing a keyboard annotation and then starting to record again.
    To reproduce the issue record, save, edit, add keystroke annotations, record again (repeat)
    the recorder eventually hangs, fails, the error shows, Camtasia9 must be quit and restarted, the recorder must be run as an administrator for the remainder of the recording session

  12. ability to REMOVE outline
    and REMOVE shadow from all annotation types

  13. right click empty space on timeline,
    bring up ability to add empty 5 sec blank space clip

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
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  • happy with 9, but needs improvement

Posted 2 years ago

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Rick Stone

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Hi there

At about 5:30 in your video you talk about a rolling edit and moving things down the track. Sounds like you may be unaware that you are actually able to do this by pressing and holding the Shift key as you click and drag. You don't have to select all the desired clips first. ;)

Your other points so far leading up to this seem valid though. Not that I'm claiming this one point is invalid, but has a workaround.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick Stone

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As for the nudging of the playhead on the timeline, you are able to use the < and > keys to do that.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Rick Stone

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To get rid of the drop shadow you are referring to, select the shape and click the Visual Properties icon. Then scroll the Drop Shadow section and adjust the opacity.

Cheers... Rick :)