Camtasia 9 - first words disappear during production

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Hi, in the resulting MP4 the first second or so of audio gets swallowed, so that the audio track starts from the third or fourth word. No matter how many times I publish the video, it happens in all of them.  When I just play the audio file, it's fine and starts from the beginning. 
I get this in all of my videos. 
Where might the problem be?
Thanks, Liz
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Liz Berezin

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Posted 1 year ago

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Joe Morgan

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It sounds like a mp3 related issue? Is the audio in question an mp3?

Camtasia is famous for not integrating well with mp3's. The solution is to convert the mp3 to

That's an image I created for Camtasia 8 many moons ago. The same applies today.
That's still Camtasia's favorite audio format. Irregardless of the audio file in question. If it's not 44,100Hz. .wav 16 bit.
Converting it will give you a near 100% chance of resolving the issue.

I'd like to hear back from you what you do, if it works,etc. Thanks

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Liz Berezin

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Thank you so much, Joe
I tried this with one project (converted to WAV), and it did rectify the issue. 
I'll update if it doesn't solve the issue in all my projects :)
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This is where TechSmith has not really made any improvements for the audio for their users to work with. I know there are many users who work with Pro Audio and myself included. They have been asking for many years and even given suggestions and their input to why they would like to see the changes made in their audio features but still nothing has been done with this issue.

Not hating on TechSmith Products but, just wanting to express my opinion again and maybe TechSmith will make some changes for their audio formats etc. to make it an even better product.


Fred Grover
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I'll chime in with an observation about the MP3 option in general. Best practice is to record and save original audio in WAV format to preserve fidelity and overall digital quality. I find that starting by saving audio as WAV files at the beginning avoids over-compression downstream. Over-compression can occur when the video is uploaded to streaming services or when it is embedded into another application and produced again. Yes, the file sizes are larger and the reason is that they contain more bits of digital information about the audio. Thus, starting out saving a recording as MP3 is wasting the richness of the sound and applying a digital compression that get mangled the more often it is compressed downstream.
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Liz Berezin

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Indeed, thank you for the advise, I'll make sure to ask the person recording the audio to do it in WAV format.