Camtasia 9 freezes at exatly 1.1% of generating MP4

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I upgraded to Camtasia 9 and I must say I am disappointed by the performance.

The "new and improved" Camtasia (Windows) keeps freezing at exactly 1.1% of MP4 production and I have to shut down the application and try again and again. Very frustrating when I'm in the middle of a big video project with deadline.

Is there a fix for this bug? Are there any hot fixes? Thanks, Ugur Akinci
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Posted 3 years ago

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this behavior suggests that there is a glitch in the project at the 1.1% of time point [on timeline]

look and see what is there; look at max timeline zoom in

try and do a short timeline selection across that point and then right click/produce selection as

if that fails, then it's something wrong at that point

if you can do a different selection/produce segment [that does not include the bad spot] and that works, that will prove it

a few days ago, I ran into this with a large project made from hundreds of JPGs; always failed to produce at exactly same point

failure point was occurring at a boundary between 2 JPGs

fix was to delete the clip after the boundary from timeline, and replace it again from media bin; then project produced OK

these issues can be caused by many different things, and trial and error is best way to solve
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To find the point to which kayakman references in his first sentence I use Excel (See example and setup below).  If you don't have Excel the formulas can be interpreted and manually calculated.  Online help will explain the functions used.

To add to kayakman's statements I select exactly one frame to "Produce Selection As".  I do this until the first bad frame is found and then I find the last bad frame.  Finally, that section is cut and repaired.  I have never had to isolate a specific track.

To use the following example.  Three values were entered into cells B1, B2, & B3 and the result appeared in B10.  See the setup for what they refer to.

  • B1:   30
  • B2:   00:09:09;20
  • B3:   1.1%
  • B10: 00:00:06;01

Worksheet Setup:  (text between <> are informational only and not to be entered)

  • A1
  •     Frames per second
  • B1
  •     <enter the FPS here, which is always 30 for me>
  • A2
  •     Duration of project
  • B2
  •     <enter the duration exactly as seen on the last frame of the project>
  • A3
  •    % at which production fails
  • B3
  •    <enter the percentage at which the production fails>
  • A4 
  •    Duration in seconds
  • B4
  •     =LEFT(B1,2)*3600+MID(B1,4,2)*60+MID(B1,4,2)+RIGHT(B1,2)/B2
  • A5 
  •    Seconds at which production failed 
  • B5
  •    =B3*B4
  • A6 
  •    Hour
  • B6
  •    =INT(B5/3600)
  • A7 
  •    Minute 
  • B7
  •    =INT((B5-(B6*3600))/60)
  • A8 
  •    Seconds
  • B8
  •    =INT(B5)-(B6*3600+B7*60)
  • A9 
  •    Frames
  • B9
  •    =TRUNC(B1*(B5-TRUNC(B5)),0)
  • A10 
  •    Initial point of corruption Enter the following formula
  • B10
  •    =CONCAT(TEXT(B6,"00"),":",TEXT(B7,"00"),":",TEXT(B8,"00"),";",TEXT(B9,"00"))

 Note:  B5 through B10 could be consolidated into one huge formula; but don't do it. For neatness, Rows 4 through 9 could be hidden for neatness.

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I like your Excel formula. I use them a lot myself.
It works great.

Unless I missed something your B4 should read:

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Yes, and no.  You have one typo and mine was a terrible error. FPS was moved to to row 1 because it is rarely changed.  Moving to B3 also makes sense.  Then, I recopied all the formulas except B4 *AND* I didn't retest the results using a known condition...  THANKS for catching this horrid error!

The typo?  B3 should be B1.   (Frames / FPS)

Let me know if you agree with the B3 being B1 or find any other errors.

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Can someone edit my post from 11/9 changing the formula to be entered into B4

From: =LEFT(B1,2)*3600+MID(B1,4,2)*60+MID(B1,4,2)+RIGHT(B1,2)/B2

To:  =LEFT(B2,2)*3600+MID(B2,4,2)*60+MID(B2,4,2)+RIGHT(B2,2)/B1


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I agree it should be B1 at the end of the formula. When I copied the formula from my temp cell it changed and I did not catch that. Thanks for the followup.
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Maybe the most easy way to get around this is start a new project after saving the one that is cousing problems. Then go to "batch production" and try to get your project finished this way. I had the same experience a while back and tried this with support. I could finish the project this way and maybe it's a good option for you as well.

It will not work for all projects and the trick is that there is more space for camtasia to render the project when there is no project loaded during rendering. I expect this will help with bigger projects only.