Camtasia 9 has too many problems to list here but I will start

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I wanted to love Camtasia 9.  It seems to have so many good improvements but I have discovered that it has MANY sever problems.  Maybe someone can help me with these:

1. I absolutely HATE the new ALL BLACK UI.  I know that many Adobe products have a dark interface but we can set up whatever interface we want.  Is there a way to do this in Camtasia 9?  If so, I have not found it yet.

2. Why did you remove the ability for us to produce am MP3 file format?  I use this ALL THE TIME when making recordings for my church.  Now, all I can do is produce the same thing as an ANTIQUATED WAV file.  Normally when software is upgraded any company does not remove more advanced features and force its users to go backwards in time.

3. When I edit a file I often use markers to note where a particular segment begins and ends.  I add the marker (now, unnecessarily complicated by forcing us to use either Shift or Ctrl M to add a marker rather than just hitting M), and then I type in a name for the marker.  I have not found a way to do that for markers.  Is this yet ANOTHER feature that you have taken away?

4. I frequently use Zoom In and Zoom Out in my videos.  Now I have to follow a series of mouse clicks to select a Menu item, then a sub-menu item, then ANOTHER sub-sub-menu item to do the same thing.  Have I missed something or is this a deliberate attempt by Tech Smith to force us to spend more, not less, time editing our videos?

I have only been working with Camtasia 9 for approximately 9 hours or so and I have watched countless training videos trying to figure out what is going on.  I also downloaded and printed the PDF titled Moving from Camtasia 8 to Camtasia 9 and poured over it.  It was somewhat helpful but, once again, I found that I have to now click on two or move menu items rather than simply clicking on the much more friendly tabs on the left of Camtasia 8 to accomplish the same work.

I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in Camtasia 9.  Please hurry with Camtasia 10 so that you can correct the many problems I have found with Windows, I mean Camtasia 9.
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  • Sorry I bought Camtasia 9

Posted 3 years ago

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For the record, the WAV format is not "ANTIQUATED" -- instead, it is the standard lossless, uncompressed, broadcast CD quality audio format that professional audio is produced to..

Sure MP3 is the new "common" format for electronic delivery, and should be easily output from Camtasia, but it is the format that you "publish" to, for certain uses.

MP3 should never be thought of as a "preferred" format in terms of "quality".
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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your detailed feedback. Sorry for the trouble you have so far. I am trying answer some of the questions there and see if it makes sense to you:

1. We don't have a way to customize the UI to use lighter color for this release.

2. We provide a new audio format m4a which is as good as a MP3 usually can give us the same quality/size if not better and m4a is also widely supported.

3. As lausianne already mentioned above, hotkeys can be customized in Edit->Preferences Window.

4. The Zoom-n-Pan (if that's what you mentioned?) tab is now inside Animations tab.

Here are some links that may help as a reference:
Camtasia 8 to 9 - Where is it now?
Camtasia Hotkeys:


Kevin L.
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I have a few comments to add too.

I hope you are planning to allow the user to change the interface colors. The all black may look cool but  I find it hard on the eyes and sometimes difficult to focus on a particular area.

The use of only percentages in various options is confusing. I don't see any information on what the basis of the percentage is so I have to experiment, instead of using a fixed value in inches (or mm or time or whatever) that I know will be the same the next time I use the feature.  If you cannot include fixed values, please include a definition of how the percentages are calculated - where ever they are used.

Speaking of fixed, we can increase the height of a track but cannot reduce the height. That would be a good feature to add. Using more than 2 tracks takes up a lot of real estate and not all of us have multiple screens.


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2. We provide a new audio format m4a which is as good as a MP3 usually can give us the same quality/size if not better and m4a is also widely supported.
I currently have to convert M2T files to MP4 to edit in CS8.  That conversion will likely continue in CS9.  Then an MP3 file is created play in an MP3 player.  Now,  a third conversion from m4a to MP3 will have to be performed.  Seriously?
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I'm not suggesting that you convert from m4a to mp3; rather, keep the m4a file. Though I'm curious, do you have a device that does not support this format?
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Hey guys, I have another problem. I have the latest version of Camtasia, I shot the videos in 1920x1080 with my Samsung S10 ( I did check the settings before shooting ) and the video comes out in 1920x1080 (this is what I can see in details, in properties). But it is very small in any video player, and on youtube and facebook. If I fill the canvas it's gonna come out normal, but it's  also gonna change the resolution to a very low one, like  848/504. What can I do? Help, please  
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I always used the convert to mp3 feature to produce podcast episodes with the audio. m4a is not supported on all systems and is not recommended for podcast files.

Please add the convert to mp3 feature.
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No wav isn't antiquated it is however bloat for most people listening to a simple podcast. To say wav is the way to go is like saying we should all be saving our images to raw. That's not an answer. We shouldn't need to install another program to handle this.
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Agreed. I just did some research on .m4a and it appears that that file format is a good option to add, Thank you Techsmith for including that for those who need it.

However, i believe that .m4a should be just  ANOTHER option for a format to use, in addition to .mp3, .wav and any other audio source one needs for their intended production.

My child's mp3 player does not play .m4a, nor does my parents' dvd player (which DOES play .mp3) and I regularly create videos and story tracks for those two devices, which I will now have to convert.