Camtasia 9 having issues with handling HD video - Too Slow and Choppy

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So I started using some MTS Video files so I can publish some more online courses.  The projects are 1920 X 1080i.  These videos are extremely choppy in the preview window.

It's never happened before in previous Camtasia versions. I run a 64bit system with 32GB ram and a 4GB Geforce 750TI card on Windows 10.

I tried to root cause the issue and see if just publishing the video would help but to my surprise, the MP4 output file was JUST as choppy as the preview window....WTH?

It ONLY seems related to Camtasia 9.0. The video is 1440X1080(a size format that is automated by my Canon when I reduce the bitrate and quality of video so I can fit more data in the camera).  It's a file format that still comes into the preview screen as 1920X1080 because the 1440 I believe is made up of wider squares.  

There was a Techsmith post that suggested the project size should always match the video size or Camtasia will need extra horsepower to convert...but how much can this really effect it?

What I did:

1. I had no issues in the past when I created my courses using Camtasia 8.0 with the same type of MTS format at 1440X1080. I brought the same files into Cam 8 and there was no issue with lag.

2. I changed the project size to 1440 X 1080 - Still the video was very slow and choppy.

3. Just for clarity, all my other native 1920 X 1080 video files from the same camera were handled well by Camtasia 9.0.  No issues or any lagtime in the preview window or output.

4. As a workaround, I decided to output the MP4 file in Cam 8 so I could bring it into Cam 9. A terrible time waster. Took over 3 hours for a 1 hour video to convert and it tripled the size of the original at 6gb vs 2gb (I used 75% quality).  (I thought MP4 compression was supposed to yield a smaller file size?) Mind you this was just a conversion, no effects, titles, nothing...just video so I am not sure why the size tripled or how it could yield a size larger than the original.

5. The choppy MP4 file produced by Camtasia 9.0  64bit did it in 30 minutes (at 50% MP4 quality) and it was only 90MB!  WTH is up with that? Surely their cannot be that much difference in file size output between 50% and 75%?  However the file is still useless.

6. I tried adjusting the video preferences. I already had GPU acceleration enabled and then tried "software only" but nothing worked.  Still choppy.

Bottom line, though the 6GB file from Cam 8.0 works and I can pull it into Cam 9, I simply cannot create an hour long course and expect people to download 6GB! (it will be more once I finish editing and adding animations)

I am hoping there is a solution. I have a lot of videos with this file size, that will be made into courses and Camtasia is my primary tool to do all my work in (since 2010).

Here is hoping someone can help. I am trying to get work done this weekend and Tech support is open only on Monday(or maybe Tues due to the Holiday)

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Posted 3 years ago

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I cannot offer any help with the issue you've encountered but I have a suggestion.
Use Camtasia 8 until TechSmith or someone else can help you  resolve it.It's sounds like a problem Tech Support will be need for to me.

If you need link to a Camtasia 8 Download this is it.YO can activate 8 with your Cam 9 key if you don't have Cam 8's key handy.

You can download and install a new or an older version from this link.

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Thanks so much Joe. As explained above, I have Cam 8 and it's still installed.  Unfortunately I have to figure out how to reduce the file size output and it's terribly slow at converting.  
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I got feedback from Techsmith. It's a bug they are aware of and need to work out a fix. It has something to do with the "non" square pixels for 1440 X 1080 that is causing a problem.  Odd it's not a problem for previous version.   No time table though so I expect it will be dealt with on another revision release. The recommended action was to use Handspring and convert the files.  Bummer.  I'll probably edit these MTS files in CAM 8 instead.  
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Any updates? I'm running into the same issue.  I'd keep using CAM 8 but the rendering time is painfully slow! 
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Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I bought the Camtasia Studio 9 and I have the same problem. The videos look good on the computer, but when I pass them to Camtasia they look very slow on the timeline.

The computer is new with great especifications and Camtasia was bought to be able to make this type of editions without problems.