Camtasia 9 lagging , why?

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Camtasia 9
Windows 10 

I have tried everything i can find on youtube but it is still lagging pretty badly.

Laptop is new with enough ram, i5,...

Preview lagging is pretty bad. I have to tried multiple times, it plays then lags, then i have to try again, then lag,... very frustrating.

I can't see my final video until i render it. There has to be a solution to this.

Please help.

Thank you.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I am by no means an expert on this but I have tried these few options with some degree of success when camtasia preview was lagging :

- if you have a laptop with many cores, try setting up processor affinity to 1 or 2 core max to camtasia
- try unzooming the timeline before you run the preview
- if you use a bluetooth mouse with camtasia, try running the preview with a wired one.
- if you have a laptop with an external screen attached and a built-in IGP (no discrete graphic card) try detaching the canvas to the external screen while keeping the tracks on the laptop screen.
- if your video is 'long' (>15 minutes) try grouping the tracks together before running the preview

I hope any one of these would do the trick
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Official Response
Hi Satvinder;

There can be a number of reasons that Camtasia would suffer from performance issues; from hardware-related resource deficiencies to conflicting hardware or software, to problematic Camtasia settings or source files containing properties that Camtasia cannot work with (such as high framerate content) or any combination of those items (by no means an inclusive list). To get the best help for this particular issue you will want to open a support ticket, though lukevdb's recommendations are excellent.

A few other things to consider; laptops are designed for mobility and reducing power consumption which translates into reduced performance. Try changing your computer's power settings from their default to "High Performance." Another common cause is that users tend to not reboot their PC's to flash the RAM; when using systems that may not be adequately designed for video production, rebooting is key (as is running only the necessary applications). To get a better understanding of the issue, I'd recommend that you open a support ticket so an agent can assist you.

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I been using camtasia studio 8 for a year now. It all of sudden started lagging. Even previous projects that I reopened are lagging in the preview. I been raiding the forum for a solution and have not found one. I deleted my temp files checked my graphic card, defragmemted my drive, nothing. I haven't changed the equipment that I been using g to make videos at all. Has anyone found a solution to their lagging problem.
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***Fixed*** The last two days I been having problems with camtasia being laggy-choppy. I been using the software for almost a year now without fail until March 3rd,[2018]. Here's my solution to Camtasia Laggy Choppy Playback.

So I know something had to go wrong with Camtasia and that it was not exactly a system failure. So after trying many type of different methods including a system restore. I had to result to resetting my windows 10. (Macs users,  I can't help ya but maybe ya can incorporate ya own thing. )

I know for many of y'all might be thinking why reset won't i lose my work and files. 

Windows 10 reset will reset your pc or laptop to the factory install settings. But you have an option to keep all your current documents(photos, and videos, and everything else) along with your window settings. 

When I performed the reset, I was nervous but the only thing that was erased was the apps/programs that I downloaded. 

Windows did provide a pdf file of all the programs that were uninstalled during the reset process and it even had links to the software home site. *Kudos windows.

I reinstalled camtasia and wala no more laggy or choppy videos. I don't believe Camtasia support couldn't suggest this.

I hope this helps y'all. Perform a reset and your system will be corrected to play the videos smoothly again.
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screw that
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Camtasia looks good in theory. I train business people on video-making. I have exactly the same problem whilst evaluating this sw for a client - seriously choppy preview, 5 second lag etc. My fix... is to carry on using Cyberlink PowerDirector -- much faster, user-friendly, plus it costs 25% of the price!