Camtasia 9 needs to allow users to set more defaults

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I'm bringing this up again.

I use a lot of fonts and really like using behaviors, but I'm changing the same things every time:
-  I change the "During" for behaviors to "none."
There's no reason for someone's name in a lower-third to keep jumping after it's jumped in.
It's nice to have an instruction "pulsate" in but it shouldn't keep pulsating.

-  For fonts I always get rid of the drop shadow. Against a black background a drop shadow looks like a smudge. It's terrible after I've rendered my video and missed removing a drop shadow.

Someone suggested putting my own defaults in my library. That's not efficient when I use lots of fonts and lots of behaviors. Also, my library already has enough stuff to scroll through in that small window.

 It'd be easier to have a window to set some defaults: no drop shadow, and behaviors shouldn't do anything "During."
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I agree with you to a certain degree.

I believe being able to save Behaviors and Fonts as a "Custom Preset" would be the best approach.

However, presets would be completely unpredictable when applied to behaviors.

To be honest, I think Camtasia has an Achilles Heel that is growing.
It's been designed to function as an "Editing Program For Dummies"
It automatically controls and adjusts far too many things. IMO
I invest more time turning off automated behaviors settings, than I do selecting and applying them initially.

Frankly, automatic settings are beneficial for someone that knows "Very Little to Nothing" about video editing.
However, to an experienced editor. This behavior can get in the way.
In the long run. It can even inhibit one’s ability to excel as a video editor. When a program does most of the thinking for you. You are given the tools to bypass learning basic editing principals. As a result, you can find yourself at a complete lost when trying to utilize a traditional editing program.

I started with Ulead's Video Studio as my first advanced video editor. That is, after realizing Windows movie maker was no longer enough for me.

Ulead had the same "Video Editing For Dummies" automation for effects, settings, etc. and so forth.
Trouble was, a time came that my skill set outgrew Uleads functionality. I had to learn how to use a "Another" video editor.

I went with Premiere Pro.
Yes it was difficult to learn the program. However, learning Ulead was no walk in the park either.

In retrospect, learning Premier Pro was actually harder to learn in the long run than it should have been. I had to invest a lot of hours Deprogramming and/or Unlearning Ulead's functionality first.

After which, I began to process and understand what Key Frame editing was all about and why it’s the industry standard with most editing programs.

My Point???
Camtasia is not a traditional Key Frame editing program. That’s makes it very difficult to control Behaviors with any predictably.

Behaviors are adjusted based on "Percentages of Overall Duration".

When a clip or annotation is 5 seconds long. The behavior applied will "Behave" in a predictable way on subsequent 5 second clips.

It will behave quite differently when applied it to a clip that's 30 seconds or longer.
The animation speed is based on a % of the clips overall duration.

The end result is this. Applied behaviors are only predictable when applied to Clips that are identical in duration.

Without traditional key frames, you’re left to guess what percentage might work when applied to any given clip. Odds are, you will guess wrong and trial and error is time consuming.

With traditional Key frames, you simply adjust the animations based on the duration of the applied effect. This duration is unwavering and predictable as a result.  


Bottom Line, Behaviors are complex animations. Customizing them to taste will always be a bit of a struggle. That’s simply because Behaviors create High End animations, lacking traditional key frame controls.

 I’m not trying to knock TechSmith’s functionality here.

I’m just sharing my take on the problems one would encounter with regards to controlling behaviors overall.

 Custom settings could still be created and saved as a preset. But they can lack predictability.


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Hey there Oz du Soleil,

I found a graph that will help you select some Behavior settings. I cleaned it up in Photoshop. The original was black and white.

You read curves from left to right.

The left represents the start of an applied animation. The right represents the end of the animation.

The bottom gray line of the graph is the equivalent of "Applied Animation ..........  0 %"
The top gray line represents..............................................  " Applied animation .....  100%" 


See Image Below, Click to Enlarge

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Thank you, Joe! This is exactly what I've been looking for.