Camtasia 9 screenshots are not as sharp

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Hello... and thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me with my problem

There are times with I'll shoot video and plan on adding audio with it later.  Occasionally I haven't recorded the enough video to go with the audio...  so I'll take a screenshot (.png) at one moment of the video (Ctrl+F).  I'll split the video and insert the screenshot to extend the scene till I've completed my audio voice over.  Then I'll continue with the video and the next scene.

I've used this technique many times with no problem, but today I noticed the screen shots aren't as sharp as the video... And there's even been times I've had to take multiple screenshot because the original one came off as blurry.  Which doesn't make much sense when you realize there's no movement going on.

It's pretty noticeable... And I'd prefer to make this as seamless as possible and for my viewers not to see any difference.  Can anyone offer me any help on when to do to make my screenshots picture quality as good as the video?  

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Posted 2 years ago

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I do many saved frames in CS9; I've never noticed any loss in sharpness

could you post some examples; maybe a screencast demonstrating the issue?
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Screenshots can look blurry when they are resized.  This is true in all applications.  So the key to keeping things looking sharp is to keep all your screenshots and video at the same dimensions.

When you use Ctrl+F to save a frame from your video, it will be saved using the Project settings > Canvas dimensions.

Hope this helps.
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Can you help me as a new user?  How do you do a screenshot in Camtasia 9?
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Are you wanting to export a frame from Camtasia? If so, try pressing Ctrl+F.
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Theres no such function as taking a screen shot with Camtasia.

You would need to record your screen first. Capturing what you're after.

Place that recording in the editor.
Then, you can scrub through timeline with the timeline indicator.Searching for the portion of the video containing what your after.
Exporting the frame a a still image.

It's a cumbersome process if all you want is a screen shot.

You would be better served by using Windows built in screen capture features.


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Thank you, makes sense!