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Now that .MOV support has been removed, we need a new way to utilize video clips that contain an alpha channel. Personally, I use these often to add layered elements to my scenes and occasionally custom transitions. Unfortunately, I'm stuck using Camtasia 8 (which has issues rendering large projects) until this feature is added.
There are many alternatives, including - MagicYUV Codec and Lagarith.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I would also like to know how to use video clips that contain an alpha channel.
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The Short version 1st, then I will have a raging rant after to get things off my chest! :-)

1. A lot of people have access it seems to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, (Use trial if you don't own it), here's quick way in Windows.

1. You must convert your .MOV files to .AVI (yes, .AVI does/can support Alpha Channel).

2a. In PremierePro once you've imported the .MOV file you want to export as .AVI with Alpha Channel

2b. Right click on your file and select  'Export Media.'

3. Export Settings, Format, Select .AVI

4. Under VIDEO Tab select Video Codec as 'NONE'

5. Tick, 'Render At Maximum Depth.'

6. (This is the IMPORTANT ONE,), Select Depth, '32bit' (This is a must to get Alpha Channel / Transparency To Work).

7. Tick 'Use Maximum Render Quality' (This of course is optional

8. Click On Export.

9. Job Done. :-)

Here's a screen shot of settings for you, (I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2015, I suspect 2017 would be same settings).

 (As a note, my  .MOV file was 184mb, after converting to .AVI with MAX Render Settings it's 251mb, so larger, but you can of course alter PP CC settings to reduce size/quality).


OK, Now for my rant,,, actually, I just can't bring myself to go of on 1 here for 30 minutes or so, a waste of my time, but here's a few bullet point rants.

1. Cam Support, answering questions here with no working answer

2. Seen support say, change extension from .MOV to .mp4 (.mp4 doesn't support Alpha Channel).

3. Someone suggested use HANDBRAKE, which only has outputs for .mp4 and MKV

4. I purchased a load of products from 'Digital Juice' some years ago for comps/transitions etc in Camtasia Studio Projects. Rising smoke/Fire/ Electric Bolts  etc etc, which I had to render out in their software called the Juicer, exporting as .MOV with ALPHA Channel selected.

I made nearly 100 of these files.

Now in version 9 of Camtasia, no .MOV Alpha Channel support!!!

Yes, I've read about security issues etc, but I'm not wanting to have a .MOV export setting, I really expected Camtasia Studio 9 to have COMPATABILITY for .MOV Imports, for people like me that have genuinely purchased products (That were even recommended here years ago), and now be dropped like a stone!

Please, at least replace. MOV imports!

I'll stop here, I don't want to turn this into a rant post.

I hope my solution helps, just convert .MOV in Premiere Pro to .AVI with 'Video Codec' set to 'NONE' and 'Depth' set to 32bit, click export, job done.

For batch processing you'll need to also install Adobe media Encoder (That will Queue all files for conversion)

Quick example here


Camtasia Studio has evolved, is a great product, but slow in development (Think how long it's taken for Chroma Key)

A big thing developers need to realise is compatibility with existing products that have been recommended in the past.

Taking out .MOV rendering (exporting project) options as .MOV I totally get for the security issues and 'BAD' Apple not wanting to support Windows anymore to P..s Off Microsoft is typical of Apple.

But Really Techsmith, Stopping the Importing of Users pre-existing .MOV files is a big No No!

You could even have offered a small utility to convert.MOV's to .AVI (With ALPHA CHANNEL SUPPORT) to keep existing customers happy

Learn from this, and get support for .MOV with Alpha Channel for Importing reinstated in Camtasia Studio 9 ASAP.

Why on Earth would you guys think it's ok for users to have to have version 8.1.2 still installed (Running 2 versions of Camtasia) just so they can still use .MOV's with ALPHA !

Hope my solution helps



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TechSmith, Re-group, admit your mistakes, Fix Your Loyal Users Concerns, Fix Them Quickly, Learn from your mistakes and Never do this again. Do not take working programs and make so many changes at once. Please. We expect gradual improvements and added new features That Work.

Thanks for Listening
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Official Response
Hi and thanks for submitting your idea/feature request!

As outlined in our New Community Processes post, feature requests are open to voting up through the 1st of the month, where we will then tally the votes and present the findings to our product teams. To ensure we have the most accurate data, on the 1st of the month we will be locking the threads that were listed in the Feature Request Round-up that was posted on the 15th. Once we have reviewed the submitted feature requests, our product team(s) may respond to the request, and if that is the case then that thread will then be unlocked for further discussion.

In the event that your idea is not selected for a response feel free to resubmit the idea and share it with your colleagues to garner as much exposure as possible!

Thank you again for your idea and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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please fix camtasia studio 9 problem with load .mov with png codec and alpha channel transparent videos
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Mannnnnn, need badly the support for AVI.
There was a mention to work with AVI which is a much bigger file.

Security issue?  install an anti virus!  anti maleware!

Please bring back the option for MOV import.

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Yeah, I ended up using After Effects to do the FX that require transparency until this is fixed. C9 is much better (than C8) at handling more complicated projects and still the best/fastest for tutorial videos, but it still has a ways to go.
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Im in that boat, lots of alpha channel assets I can no longer use in CS9.  Had to switch products.