Camtasia 9: video import (.mov) with transparency?

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is it not longer possibility to import a video in Camtasia 9 with a transparency (on a Windows system)?

Camtasia supports the .mov format only with a h.264 codec, right?
But die h.264 codec can ́t export a transparency.

Transparency works only at .mov-fiels withe animation, png and ProRes444, but camtasia9 can ́t import that format under Windows.
What is a possibil workaround to import a video with transparency?
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You are correct, it is no longer possible to import .mov files in Camtasia 9. Your best bet would be to fill your transparent area with a color, and then use "remove a color" in the visual effects section. It's not great, the .mov solution from 8 was better, but that's the workaround.
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Ok, thanks for the answer. Than i need Camtasia Studi 8, because the "remove a color" from the visual effects works but does not look good. 
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Yes unfortunately version 9 / 2018 has been a step back in time for anything involving transparency.
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My son sent a video from his iPhone which happens to be a .MOV file.  to get it to work the suffix was changed from .MOV to .MP4.  The video played including sound.  Other changes that have worked for me:

Source - .sfx (change suffix to ???)

  • Android - .3gp   (.mov) changing to MP4 probably won't work.

  • Apple - .mov     (.mp4)

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hello and thank you but this idea not working with camtasia studio 9
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Ok, and how does this help me with the problem with transparency?

The Converting from the .mov file causes does the transparency no longer exists ...
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Andre, sorry.  I was trying to be helpful.
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please fix camtasia studio 9 problem with load .mov with png codec and alpha channel transparent videos
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This needs to be fixed. Soon. Half of my videos in Camtasia 8 make extensive use of lower thirds created in After Effects. None of them will import into version 9 because .mov with transparency won't import. This is a major flaw in the current version.
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Hi gr33nman, I was able to get this to work with Camtasia 9 but you have to export your composition using, the following settings in AME: Format=Quicktime; Preset=Custom;  In my case I always have the output matching the source; Video Codec=PNG; Depth = 8bpc + alpha.

This generated a mov file with transparency from After Effects that I was able to import in Camtasia 9 with the transparency working. 

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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Thank you! I have been struggling with this for a few days now and this is the best solution I have found! Works great.
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Camtasia 9.0.4 now supports MOVs that use the png codec.  

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How do I make MOVs that use the png codec? I am having a hard time figuring that out. 
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For those of you still stuck with being unable to use .MOV and alpha animations in Camtasia 9, watch this video showing you how to convert .MOV to .PNG codec using free software. Saves me from having to keep switching from v8 to v9 when adding lower thirds!

This does work as I have tested it.
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Yep it does work though I have had a few that didn't convert and had to go another route.

Lon posted his video here a while back

But thanks for the reminder.

If your interested,  I posted on that thread how to also set the file ext default so you don't have to always change it from mkv to mov.

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Thanks for this, I just tried it, and each time I press "Do it", it opens up a Camtasia prompt asking if I want to Modify, repair or remove camtasia
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Here is a Powershell script I've written to run from your Alpha MOV/overlay folder based off FFMPEG.  It checks if FFMPEG is in the folder.  If not, it downloads the newest version and then converts all .mov files in the folder and puts them into a subfolder called "Converted".  I'll write a bash script for those that have a Linux file server for mass conversions.

--- MOVConv.ps1

# The problem:  Tools like Camtasia took the ability to use regular transparent MOV files out. They did add PNG ALPHA codec back in. 
# Solution:     Use FFMPEG to convert a transparent/ALPHA MOV to a PNG codec transparent MOV.
# MOV Converter (FFMPEG, & Cyber Secrets)
# Author: Jeremy Martin
# Email:

$FPath = pwd; clear
Set-Location -Path $FPath
if (Test-Path $FPath) {
} else { New-Item $FPath -type directory }
if (Test-Path "$FPath\Converted") {
    echo "Searching for MOV files!"
} else { New-Item "$FPath\Converted" -type directory }

$Source2 = ""; 
$destination2 = "$env:TEMP\"
$FFMpeg = "ffmpeg.exe"
if (Test-Path $FFMpeg) {
    echo "FFMpeg is already installed."
} else {
    echo "Downloading FFMpeg"
    curl $Source2 -OutFile $destination2
    Expand-Archive –Path $destination2 -DestinationPath $FPath -Force
    Move-Item "$FPath\ffmpeg-latest-win64-static\bin\*.*" $FPath
    Remove-Item "$FPath\ffmpeg-latest-win64-static\" -Recurse -Force

$oldvids = Get-ChildItem *.mov # -Recurse
foreach ($oldvid in $oldvids) {
    $convpath = [io.path]::GetDirectoryName($oldvid)+"\Converted\"
    $newvid = $convpath+[io.path]::GetFileName($oldvid.BaseName)+""
    .\ffmpeg.exe -i $oldvid.FullName -y -vcodec png -acodec aac $newvid
Invoke-Item $convpath

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This is the best solution that I use to easily convert alpha/transparency mov to be use in Camtasia Studio 9.
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The simple solution is to export video in avi (yes it supports alpha transparency ). So, first export the object from abobe premier pro or after effects in avi. make sure to check RBG + Aplha before rendering and then import it into camtasia. it will work.
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I have created a detailed method of doing this that works predictably.

It only assumes you have a video with an Alpha channel that Camtasia will not respect.

You will be using ffmpeg to make the conversion but doing so with the UI called FFE

Download The Files

Create a folder anywhere you want called ffMpeg

  • Download this file and extract its contents inside ffMpeg
  • You should end up with 3 folders inside /ffMpeg ie; bin,doc and presets
Start FFE (the UI for ffMpeg

Open up the /ffMpeg/bin folder

Run / double click - the file called ffe.exe

This will open the FFE UI

The first time you use it, it will ask where the binary lives. Point it to your /ffMpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe

Now that it is installed and opened

  • Select the input file in the top right corner (your .mov file that isn't working)
  • Select the output location including file name ie; that will be the fixed file.
    • Important: make double sure you have the output extension as .mov. This software changes it to mkv and it needs to be set back to .mov before 'do it'
  • Find the Video Codec dropdown and select png
  • Find the Audio Codec dropdown (just below video) and select aac

You are now ready to convert it. 

Just click the [Do It] button to convert your mov file :-)

Was surprisingly quick. A 30 second video takes only a few seconds.