Camtasia 9 (Windows) and Camtasia 3 (Mac) have been released!

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We are excited to announce that the new Camtasia is finally here!

With this release we brought the best of Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac together and added new ways to help you create amazing, engaging content.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you will now enjoy a fresh, modern look that puts everything right at your fingertips with a unified user interface and workflow across both Mac. As a result, Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are now known as Camtasia.

Key New Features

One of the most exciting new features are all new motion effects, called Behaviors, which bring the power of animating text, images, and video in seconds with drag and drop ease. Get precise control with sliders, enabling you to get the exact look you desire.

Performance Enhancements
As video resolutions become higher and more detailed, file sizes will increase. In order to handle larger video file sizes, Camtasia is now a 64-bit application. This provides a more powerful overall editing experience, including smoother preview playback. With the performance upgrade to 64-bit, you will spend less time waiting for your project to render and more time creating engaging content.

Video Assets
Camtasia now includes specially created video elements. Choose from new animated backgrounds, music tracks, icons, lower thirds, intro slides, and more! Whether you are creating training or education content, product overviews, marketing videos or anything in between, you will look great from the very first video you create.

Quizzing (New to Mac)
Add assignments to gauge viewer understanding of your video, measure viewership, or survey your audience.

Grouping (New to Mac)
Easily keep stacked or layered clips and assets together.

Additional Features
During the development of the new Camtasia we listened to many of the suggestions that you have asked for to make your video creation process even better. Here is a sampling of what is new.

  • Updated callouts: The callouts and annotations have been updated with a flat design and several style families so you look current, polished and coordinated.
  • Full canvas editing: We have enabled the ability to drag and drop anything directly onto the preview window and arrange it exactly as you desire.
  • Color and visual effects: Make color adjustments with brightness, contrast, and saturation to correct for different video sources or add visual effect.
  • Animated GIF support: Import animated GIFs to get even more value out of your existing content.
  • New properties panel that allows you to have precise control of every element in your video.
  • Pop-out the preview window for use on a second monitor to maximize your workspace.
  • Quizzing enhancements: You can now get feedback for each individual question as well as provide a link to a point in the video or to another resource.
To see a full breakdown of what is new and improved, explore the links below or jump right in by downloading the free trial of Camtasia.

Camtasia Version History
See what has specifically changed in each version below:


Camtasia System Requirements
Most notably, Camtasia now requires a 64-bit operating system in order to install and run. You can view that full system requirements here.

Please be sure to direct any Technical Support issues or related questions to our dedicated Technical Support team by clicking here.

Most importantly, we at TechSmith wanted to thank you for your continued support and input. We are committed to empowering you to make amazing video!

-Team TechSmith
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Posted 4 years ago

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Undiscovered Coal

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Thank you for this. We now know what is new and what has been added in the new versions. But now will you please tell us what/which feature(s) has been cut out from the older version? Which feature of the older version cannot be found in the newer version?

Kind Regards
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Hi there!

We don't have a specific list, primarily due to the fact that it is quite small. Below you can find the list of features/functions that have been removed:Legacy Smart Player Skins
  • Flash is no longer supported in the Smart Player
  • Record Camera has been moved (for the time being, record using the Camtasia Recorder then delete the screen recording - may change in the future)
  • Removed MP3 production (replaced with M4A production)
  • No longer offer a 32-bit version of Camtasia (it now requires a 64-bit operating system and cannot be installed on a 32-bit system).
There were not very many features that we removed / changed, but plenty were added.

Thanks for stopping by!

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An absolute awesome upgrade. One suggestion may be to find someway to communicate that new features that are available in Windows were previously already available in Mac. It just looks like the Mac version had a bunch less updates (based on number of bullet points) when those features were already there (i.e. Animated GIF support, 64 bit, etc.).

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The update history for Camtasia 2 is wrong on this page:  - it only goes up to 21 June, 2016: Camtasia for Mac v2.10.6. On my mac I see this update waiting: 

Enhancements in Version 2.10.7

  • Added support for macOS 10.12
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when recording 64-bit PowerPoint presentations
I am currently on 2.10.4, and not sure if the update will add V3 (I don't want) or if I can just go to 2.10.7 without adding V3. The update dialog is very unclear: 
This upgrade will install a new trial of the latest version. This upgrade trial will be installed in addition to your existing paid version.
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Hi there!

I can see how the wording can be a bit confusing; what it means is that the trial version will be installed, but will not overwrite Camtasia for Mac 2. As the "check for updates" function will find the latest version available, it is working as expected. To get the most up-to-date version of Camtasia for Mac 2, you will need to download the installer manually from here. Note though, that manual updating of Camtasia for Mac 2 in the App Store is not possible and only applies to the standalone purchase.

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I'm not sure why I keep seeing that popping out the Preview window is can do that in CS 8.

What I would REALLY like is to pop out the Timeline - THAT'S where I usually need more viewing real estate. Moving the Preview window doesn't really buy me any "maximized" work space area.  ;-)
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There's a piece of software on the Adobe side that I've used for 20+ years. Adobe RoboHelp. In fact, it's totally responsible for my introduction to TechSmith via SnagIt.

I was in the midst of working with a beta version and working on something and this particular area of a dialog had a funny outline surrounding it. This caused my to look at it a bit deeper. And upon looking at the area I discovered what I believed at the time to be an amazing new feature! I was thinking "How Cool! I'll use this feature a lot!".

I then looked at older versions of the product and was shocked. The feature I had "discovered" had been present for several versions. Not sure how I managed to overlook it.

I'm guessing that this may have happened here. Perhaps something is calling attention to the popping out the preview bit.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Can I upgrade my Camtasia 2 from the App Store to Camtasia 3 at the upgrade price? I need to be able to share videos with Windows users. Unfortunately I purchased Camtasia 2 via the App Store in August.