Camtasia can lose files.

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We're running Camtasia 9.1.1 (Build 2546) on Windows 7 Enterprise (soon to be upgraded to Win 10). we save projects on drives shared by 3 - 4 other members of an eLearning Development team - although only one developer ever accesses a given project. Projects are saved in separate locations on this shared drive, each labeled with the project name...normal file handling technique.

We've noticed that over time, if Camtasia is saved repeatedly in the same location (again, normal technique), it loses files (see screenshot), rendering a project unusable. You'll close out a file the day before, come in the next day and see the screenshot. It seems the file loss syndrome is selective: objects such as text boxes survive; the source audio and/or video files do not. In every case no files are moved prior to this happening.

This is extremely frustrating given the time it takes to generate projects. One workaround we've devised is to save projects in different locations each time they're opened. This is a wasteful way to manage files, but Camtasia seems to like not being saved in the same place after a certain indeterminate time.

Has anyone on your team experienced this and, if so, is there a better workaround to prevent file loss?

Many thanks!

Rob Weir
eLearning Developer
Einstein Healthcare Network

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Posted 9 months ago

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Ed Covney

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We can cut to the chase very quickly if you have your N/W admin "watch" activity on the target drive(s). Also he or she can check the drive logs.  What server OS are you using?
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Camtasia really wants to have all resources located on the local hard drive. I simply can't do that on my laptop's SSD, so I'm waiting for the problems that you describe.
Are all of a project's resources located in one folder? I pull images and slides and videos 'n' stuff from all over the place, and expect Camtasia to keep track of the source media. But if you're losing annotations and built-in library resources, I'd open a Support ticket to have the Techies pore over your logs.
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Ed Covney

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"Camtasia really wants to have all resources located on the local hard drive. "   Why? 

Actually, I've come to believe there is no one person or one department at TechSmith
knows where everything goes! Very sloppy growth that may end up biting them. As a minimum, TS ought to have one menu item in the "Get Started" splash screen (Is there a better spot? No it's the one screen all users must navigate through.)  And there is no imaginable reason why data file locations can't spread across 2, 3 or 10 drives. IMO.
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This is extremely irritating and happening every time I re-open a file at the moment.
I have my Camtasia working file in a folder
I have separate video clips in closely associated sub-folders
It regularly seems to "forget" that one or several of these folders are there , and I have to tediously re-link EACH AND EVERY CLIP
This would not be such an issue if Camtasia had the basic functionality of recognising other missing files in the same folder
But this is wasting me so much time on a regular basis I'm now seriously examining what alternate video editors are available (but checking what massive time-wasting bugs they may have first)