Camtasia Draw Tool access is atrocious

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Feedback to TechSmith for Camtasia:

The drawing tools in Camtasia Studio are handy... or rather would be if it was possible to access them while recording. "But there is a draw tool hotkey!" you say. Indeed, there is, and upon using it the poor operator gets what seems to be a random selection for a tool? Wanted a rectangle? How about a circle instead! Wanted a pen? Let me just press hotkey combo + P for pen... PURPLE LINE! WTF? Hotkey combo + F?... +P... +ASKGFADPKLGdfg? Nothing... no tool change, no color change, *demonic Camtasia voice* "YOU GET THIS TOOL. LIKE IT!!!".

This is my feedback: PLEASE MAKE THE DRAW TOOL ACCESS NOT SUCK. I like the fact that you have a hotkey, but can you PLEASE allow us to set a DEFAULT tool for the hotkey? Or can you AT LEAST make the Sub-hotkeys for the tools (F, P, L, etc...) ACTUALLY work when I press (hotkey, toolkey)? Or maybe a hotkey for each tool? (ctrl+alt+number?)

I would GREATLY appreciate you taking this feedback to heart and making this "annoyance" go away in the next release of Camtasia. You will see me cry sparkling tears of joy and glee when I can am finally able to control and use the draw tools as the almighty God intended.
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  • frustrated beyond human comprehension

Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Wyatt,

Thanks for posting feedback like this. I don't use ScreenDraw as much as you might, but I did create a handy little guide for the tool hotkeys that you might be interested in:

It's helpful to note that once the general toolbar is open, these hotkeys are all single press (no CTRL or ALT modifiers).  That makes switching tools and colors easy, but also essentially takes over the keyboard. 

Lastly, if anyone else comes along and reads this, here is a link to a blog post that explains the how and why of ScreenDraw in Camtasia Studio:

Hope that helps a little for now.
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I have used ScreenDraw for many, many, tears; I've always found it to be an invaluable resource and tool set; I'm a huge fan of ScreenDraw

As Josh has indicated, you can easily drive ScreenDraw using the hotkeys; using the hotkeys makes using the tool set a snap

If you want to try an alternative tool, you can download and use Epic Pen; this tutorial will explain how to use Epic Pen with Camtasia Studio ...

also, I made this tutorial many years ago which shows some advanced ways to use ScreenDraw ...

it's fairly dated, but it might give you some ideas into how to exploit ScreenDraw in your work

you can even use ScreenDraw to make custom, sketch-motion-callout-like objects to use in your projects ...

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