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I subscribe to and watch online webinars.  Sometimes I cannot make my schedule work with theirs and I would like to be able to preset the recorder to start and stop at specific times (based upon computer time).

I see this has somewhat been asked in the past.  This seems like easy programming to accomplish.

Appreciate it!
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Is that a copy right issue? I am asking because that would be nice to join a webinar that others in my company can't attend then share it with them later. I was worried about the copy rights.
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For sure, if you are not sharing it with others, it would not be copyright infringement.  Additionally, if the maker of the content states that 'no recording' is allowed, then that would stand.  However, it is not (should not be) the responsibility of Techsmith to determine what you record or what you would do with it.
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mziembo - When you signed up for the seminar, could you have asked? 

jc - If you are not present, how does the webinar start? 
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The simplest way to accomplish a scheduled recording is by launching the recorder with command line arguments ( via a Windows Scheduled Task:

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Clint, I’ve received the ‘Use Windows Task Manager’ comment in the past.  The revised  ‘Camtasia (Windows): Command Line Options to Open Camtasia Recorder’ is not difficult to understand, but implement those commands in Windows Task Manager is quite a project.

 As I answered Ed Covney: “in most situations I am available to start the recording.  But during day/evening work hours, I seldom have the time to sit and watch a webinar for an hour or two. That is why I would like a simple button that would "End recording in" with a drop down (or time fill in box) for 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, etc.”

 Having worked with and built computer systems since 1979 I am pretty computer literate. But Windows Task Manager is not something that I think many of Techsmith’s users could employ.  With that said, I also think that a simple ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ button allowing the user to say when to start and when to stop would be a very valuable asset to screen recording.

 I hope their answer changes from this ‘boiler plate’ use ‘Windows Scheduled Task’ to a functional program addition.


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This request has been coming up for years, I think it could serve a number of people well.

Personally, I don't believe I've ever actually needed one . 

Its seems like a basic Off timer would be much easier to implement.
The recorders toolbar has a Duration timer built into it.
The Operating systems date and time wouldn't need to be tapped. 

I've always felt it would be a good feature.  You've got my vote.
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While I think this idea has use beyond the webinar use case, don't most webinars offer those who register a link after the webinar meeting to watch on-demand? 

From my own experience with webinars, they know a certain percentage of those who register will attend. but more people won't be able to make the scheduled time and will need to watch after the fact?