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I think the niche Camtasia fills is of a screencast software with basic video editing capabilities that anyone can use. TechSmith sells a lot of site licenses (our college has one) because Camtasia has a default setup that can produce a professional product, but it isn't intimidating to a novice. I really hope that doesn't ever change. It's a lot easier for a more experienced user to figure out how to change the default settings and customize a workflow than it would be for one of our not terribly computer savvy professors (none of whom are "dummies") to choose the correct setting. I've been using Camtasia for 10 years, and I've always enjoyed encouraging my colleagues to add screencasting with Camtasia to their skill set. Please continue to keep it simple!
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It is so good to see positive feedback here for a change! Thank you for doing this. I have been very happy with Camtasia over the years. People who scan this forum need to know we are here too! Thanks again for exposing us!
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Hi Christopher

I think it's rather common that forums and other avenues see so much negativity.

In another lifetime years ago, I worked in a call center supporting hardware and networking issues. And the thing about that type of work that is similar to venues such as this forum is that nobody ever calls a support center to exclaim that they just wanted to let you know, things are working TERRIFIC today! ;)

Just thought I'd share that little anecdote. ;)

I too share your view and am happy to see supportive comments.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Agreed.  The issue with forums is that is where we come for help.  Either "I don't know" or "I have an issue".  There are a few that seem to love to simply be mean and I have requested that GetSatisfaction allow us to mute those individuals.  Of course, not if they are actually asking a legitimate question.

Thus, we rarely call or write to say how much we like a piece of software.  So, I like it and look forward to installing my purchased copy of C9!

FYI, my wife and I, before we were married, developed a system for a major convenience store company.  Many times they declared it was going to be turned off.  Each time individuals from around the world would tell them ok but can we use the replacement first so we can redevelop our reports?  "uh, what replacement.  It is being turned off because no one is using it."  Each time it was allowed to remain.

Morale of the story.  if people are "complaining" about issues that is normally BECAUSE they like the product!  If they don't like the product (other than those mentioned above, and you know who they are) they simply go away.

So, if we gripe it is BECAUSE we love you.  In agape fashion.