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I am using Camtasia 9 to produce videos in which I have a menu to jump to an appropriate section of the training. This of course works fine locally, but the videos are being housed and displayed in Office365.

The MP4 file does not honor the menus, I need to include the support files for the menus to work. But I don't see a way in Office365 to do this.

Here are my file options in Office365:

Is there a way I can get my menus to work in Office365, or do I need to rethink my approach and not have a menu structure if I am using Office365?

Thank you for any thoughts.


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Posted 2 years ago

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I *believe* that you have to use the Techsmith hosting solution SCREENCAST in order to use the html features.

I've been looking for an alternate as well, since my educational videos are too long for SCREENCAST. 

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just curious, but what do you mean by " ... too long for SCREENCAST" ?
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Hi there

As Gary stated, is one option. The only other option is to host ALL the output files on a site that allows you to upload them. If any site other than simply allows you to insert or upload the MP4, you are squarely out of luck, because all those additional files are what makes the magic happen.

Cheers... Rick :)
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if you host your videos on Office365, interactive video content [like markers, hotspots, captions, quizzes] will not work because interactive content requires the SmartPlayer in order to be displayed.  Accordingly, the video [project] must be produced to MP4 w/controller, and then hosted on a standard web site or on  When you host on, only the MP4 needs to be uploaded because the interactive content is actually encoded within the MP4 as XMPdata; uses a special version of the SmartPlayer that can extract the XMPdata and then display the interactive content

But sites like YouTube, Office365, etc., do not have embedded SmartPlayer functionality, so no support for interactive content

When you produce to MP4 w/controller [SmartPlayer], like when doing a custom production, you get the MP4 and a bunch of support files, including 2 config files and 2 html files.  The interactive content is scripted within the config files, and is consumed when the video is launched using one of the html files, which reads the config info and uses the accompanying SmartPlayer to display the video in a browser; interactive content is then available.  That is why all the support files need to be hosted on a web site.

However, you could host the video files [MP4s] on Office365, but without interactive content.

But you could create a links menu to access the MP4s by using an Office365 supported file type that supports hyperlinks that point to your various video files.

File types that should work would be HTML, Word, XL, etc.

Regardless, might be your best solution for hosting your videos; or, get your own web site [very inexpensive now].  I use both methods myself.
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If it is 365 for a company, it is likely that they have SharePoint 365 as well, if so, you can host them there.  The only thing is that you have to copy the html file and the player file and then change their extensions to .aspx rather than .html.  Also the html file (that you've just changed to an aspx file) has a link to the player file in it, so open it using wordpad and change the link to end in aspx rather than html.  you can now run this from SharePoint by using the aspx file as the link

If this isn't clear, search this feedback for earlier questions on this .  Ik now we discussed it in V8
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I've tried using the ASPX technique. On one Office 365 SharePoint site, a page not found error displays. With the same files on another Office 365 SharePoint site, the ASPX isn't opened but downloaded.

Perhaps something has changed in the last few years since the ASPX video was posted.

Can anyone confirm that a Camtasia produced video works with Office 365 SharePoint now?

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I'm struggling with this as well.  It seems that the 'modern' version of SharePoint no longer allows the features that were available in classic... so I don't think that this works anymore.  

I was stuck on the ASPX file being downloaded to but found placing the file in the Site Pages or Site Assets location instead of the document library would get around that... even still, the file no longer plays.  It just gets stuck in an infinite load...

Were you able to find a way around your issue?  The only option I see as viable at this point is the SharePoint framework (SPFx).