Camtasia Needs Some New Video Effects

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Classic (widescreen) films would usually have positive/negative distortions and/or lateral chromatic aberrations. Most people would try to fix these errors using digital enhancements.
However, these distortions/aberrations produce that "classic nostalgia" of the films.
Fortunately, it is possible to recreate this satisfying imagery using modern technology & editing softwares. Unfortunately, the process is rather time-consuming, even complicated to achieve on motion pictures, compared to the process of classifying a single still photo.

Therefore, Camtasia should provide its users & editors the ability to positively & negatively distort a video, as well as increasing/decreasing the chromatic aberration at free will.
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I have a film projector with an anamorphic lens, and I have never seen the distortions or aberrations you are talking about, so I'm intrigued as to what they look like and what causes them. I'm guessing it only happens with a low quality lens?
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I think it would only help your cause if you were able to supply perhaps some screen captures or a short video describing what you are hoping to see. After all, there is nothing like seeing something first hand to really understand it and drive the point home. 

I would think the Camtasia developers would appreciate it if you could do that.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Chromatic Aberrations in a nut shell.

Red, Green and Blue, are the colors that combine to capture images and video. Shown coming through a cameras lens. Then refracted onto a common digital camera sensor.

Depending on the quality of the lens. Those wave lengths of color. Don’t hit the sensor at the exact same time. Blurring the outside edges and creating color fringing.

Realistically, a color photograph of a black and white checkboard with any lens. Probably couldn’t create aberrations this intense.

However, I thought this image depicted it better than other examples I could get my hands on and edit.

I have 2 chromatic aberration filter plugins that work with Premier Pro and After Effects. You have to push the settings far beyond a typical lens distortion you would encounter. To create what I would consider to be an effect.

Normally, you try to correct and remove chromatic aberrations. Because typically, they are undesirable.    

This filter demonstrates the effect well.

Regards, Joe

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Interesting examples. Thanks for sharing.

This thread is odd in that someone is requesting to add such an effect, while you say that it's normally something undesired and you want to avoid or "fix". But who knows, everybody has their own reasons for wanting to manipulate different effects, eh?

Cheers... Rick :)