Camtasia needs to remove the watermark.

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I understand that TechSmith is money-greedy like almost every other company in the world, but come on! At least let us upload 1 or 2 videos without that hated watermark! It would make newcomers who download the trial so much more happier, and you might make more "Cha-ching!"
Also, on the trail you guys said  "It is not intended for commercial uses," - then what else is it used for? For fun? Sorry, I fail to understand how one can have fun by spending an hour editing a video and saving it with a fat watermark. You guy's can't be that money-greedy!
Anyway, I think I figured out your plan:
"Everyone who downloads this software makes videos for commercial purposes, therefore, if we watermark it, then EVERYONE who downloads it would be forced to purchase it!"
That is actually pretty false, people are more likely to buy the product if they spend a lot of time on a project. Knowing that there would be a watermark on their video, they'll draw back from even downloading the product, therefore they will not experience you're amazing software, and not purchase it.
If you let us save one or two videos without the watermark (before forcing us to buy your product), then people would download it, save projects, decide they like this software, and purchase it.
I've also seen you tried to discount your product, for Christmas perhaps. How about you also add a gift for newcomers? One or two watermark-less saves the people thinking to buy your product? 
Otherwise, I think IMovie edits just as great, it's cheaper, or on Mac it's free. If you master Imovie (which is pretty easy to master), your videos would look like they were edited from a super expensive software.
This might stop the majority of camtasia editors from wasting time and looking for free saves on YouTube, and you guys from going out and about trying to copyright the ones that work.
Thanks for reading
P.S I understand there would be some flaws in this idea, like people creating multiple accounts to do this, but letting newcomers save watermarklessly for a certain period of time might help.
For example:
or if your that money-greedy
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

First off, I'm just a user same as you. TechSmith is not "money greedy". But they do have to charge money for their software. How else are their staff to be paid?

As for the commercial aspect of the videos, I personally find it perfectly reasonable to state that. And no work is actually lost. You are, in fact, able to see first hand exactly what is produced. Albeit with a watermark. So it's not as if they are pulling a "bait and switch" on anyone. You get to use the software to see if it fits your needs. And you are easily able to do that.

Once you see how it works and choose to purchase, nothing is lost. Your project you spent time on is still there after you have purchased.

Cheers... Rick :)
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I'll excuse 'money greedy" as an unfortunate choice of words due to a language translation issue.

TechSmith is a software company; if they don't earn profits they won't be around. Software is an extremely hard thing to secure, this request goes in the opposite direction. The point of a trial version is to allow a prospective customer to work with the processes and workflow enough to know they can use it. It is NOT intended for someone to post finished work for free. This is why it's called an evaluation period.

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I can appreciate where YellowOrigami91011 is coming from. The rhetoric may be over the top but the message is sound.

Most of the people that currently own Camtasia.

Had the opportunity to run a free trial without a watermark. The Watermark wasn’t added until March of this year.

For myself personally. I've  purchased more programs that offered unrestricted free trials than ones that have not.

Anytime you start working with a new piece of software, you will struggle with the workflow to varying degrees. This requires a lot of invested time and energy. This is aggravating enough in itself.

The reward at the end of the project with video editing?

Is to fully enjoy watching the video you have created.Preferably on a large screen TV while comfortably sitting in your living room. A giant watermark across the screen, pretty much takes the enjoyment out of that experience.

While it is possible to watch playback within the editor without the watermark. Unless you own a relatively high-powered computer, there’s a high probability that the playback will be choppy and unimpressive.

When someone chooses to not purchase a program after running the trial.

From my standpoint, this simply means the company failed to win them over. They may even have alienated them as a customer for life.

For what it’s worth.

Regards, Joe

As far as uploading videos to you tube goes? If the video is a hit and people like and watch it. The person who posted it is incentivized to create more content.

If they didn't create it using Camtasia due to restrictions.They go back to the program they used in the first place.

I don't see how TechSmith actually loses any out of pocket money when someone uploads a trial version  video.
A lot of people post questions asking what program was used to create their video.That's free advertising when the answer is Camtasia.

It's not as if there are a lot of Professional video editors out their downloading free trials of video editing programs.
Especially not ones that turn the videos into vast profits for themselves.If that were the case  you might make the argument that TechSmith is losing money on that customer.Besides, if they were making money.Camtasia just sold itself.
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I can understand Companies going to watermarked  Output for Trial Software. Especially in these days and time. Where you can't trust potential customers cheating. But; I too detest Watermarked software. I was raised to be honest in my dealings with anyone. But in today's modern days and times many parent forgot to teach that.

Instead have limited trial period of 7, 15, or 30 days max. and have a timer built in that when that time is Up you can't use it without buying.
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Keep the Watermark feature as it is.
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Have you noticed that practically everyone who supports  a watermarked trial version. Purchased Camtasia years ago without this restriction being imposed on them?
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Yes I notice that. I still say it better to have a time bomb feature rather than watermark. What I mean by time bomb feature is that the software works fine for limited time. say 15 or 30 days. And the second that timer pass the date limit to the minute it will quit working.
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Camtasia has never had a watermark in their trial until recently. 

If I had to guess, I'd say maybe it is a counter measure against all the little pukes who download the free trial, fully functioning software and then crack it?
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Hi and thanks for submitting your idea!

As outlined in our New Community Processes post, feature requests are open to voting up through the 1st of the month (this month is slightly different, due to the holidays) where we will then tally the votes and present the findings to our product teams. To ensure we have the most accurate data, on the 1st of the month we will be locking the threads that were listed in the Feature Request Round-up that was posted on the 15th. Once we have reviewed the submitted feature requests, our product team(s) may respond to the request, and if that is the case then that thread will then be unlocked for further discussion.

In the event that your idea is not selected for a response feel free to resubmit the idea and share it with your colleagues to garner as much exposure as possible!

Thank you again for your idea and we look forward to hearing more from you!


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