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Does anybody else feel the frustration that I do with Camtasia's "proprietary" nomenclature?

  • In order to render a project, I have to "Share" it. Does anybody else call it that?
  • In order to create a Custom Production, I have to "Edit" it and then "Close" it, with no offer to CREATE or SAVE except blind faith (and I only discovered that after a post from yesterday and then searching the Camtasia Knowledge Baser)
In addition, I still can't find out how to store favorite paths to save my files. When I open a new project, it goes to Camtasia's default. After I save somewhere else, Camtasia changes that to its default. If I go to a third folder to save a different project, Camtasia does not save the 2nd file path, although there's a dropdown box that should become populated (it never has, in my experience).

Is this only my frustration? Am I still new enough that I don't understand commonly-used nomenclature? Am I missing "Save File Path" somewhere?
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Posted 9 months ago

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regarding ... "I have to "Edit" it and then "Close" it"

sounds like you're creating a preset?

to do a custom production, use the shortcut ctl-P to open the wizard; custom is the default option; just walk through the wizard; settings are remembered from 1 custom production to next, except if you have markers and don't want a TOC, you need to clear that each time
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From what I have experience, "settings are remembered" except for the file location of the rendered material, which has to be established each time.
I can understand the logic (as Joe Morgan elaborates below), but if I work on several different projects with a Custom Production for each, it would be nice to have the settings also remember the folders I was saving to for that particular production.
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I here ya and tend to agree on terminology. I suspect being old school colors my opinion.

I prefer the term “Export” when I “Render” a video.

 The term Render might belong on the endangered list of terminology?

 TechSmith has used “Produce and Share” In previous versions. Now its “Custom Production” I never cared for either of these terms, but tend to use them in this forum. Since it applies to Camtasia.

Corel uses a Share Tab. Export is reserved for exporting templates, Library items, etc.

DaVinci Resolve invokes “Deliver” Lol. I would prefer an industry standard.  

I use a lot video related programs. The majority of them, if not all. Export to the last location used.

Photoshop and image editors in general? Tend to save to the same location as the original.

I’m not sure what drives the functionality with video editors? Perhaps it’s got something to do with multiple file locations? I store the bulk of my media on multiple drives. I use the C-Drive as little as possible.

How would the editor determine which path to choose? If I happened to import from my M drive first. Should that dictate the export path?

I save most of my videos to a drive dedicated to renders. This is the quickest/most efficient way for operating systems and programs to render. In most cases.

I forget to check the file output location from time to time. That’s on me. To the best of my knowledge, none of the programs I use have a default option. }:>(

 I save my videos to different locations on my “R drive” The R stands for Render. There are several different folders. Most have subfolders. If I could assign a default location. It would need to be changed frequently.

Just my thoughts, Joe   

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The path seems to work fine for me, but maybe that's because I've been using Camtasia versions 2 and 3, for Mac. We have got version 2018 for Windows as well, but I've hardly used it. I certainly agree on some of the strangeness of terminology, however.

When I was first using Camtasia (version 2 for Mac), I was looking for the Export function, which I would normally expect to find in the File menu. Of course, it was not there, and I found it in the Share menu, which just seemed weird, but at least the file export functions themselves were properly called Export and Advanced Export. Why they didn't call the menu the Export menu, heaven only knows.

I mean, I do understand the use of the word Share, in a social media context, if you're using one of the social media export functions, but you aren't "sharing" at all, because it doesn't mean that! In social media, sharing means sharing somebody else's post. What you're you're actually doing in Camtasia is "posting" instead - by exporting to the social media site, so just call it Export.

Anyway, once you know where the export functions are, I guess it doesn't matter any more, but it's certainly counter-intuitive when you first start with Camtasia.