Camtasia Studio: why are you so good, but so unstable?

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I've been working with Camtasia since the version 7.0. I have to admit it's a very nice and easy to use piece of software, but despite new features and stuff, the program is still unstable as hell since years!
I'm usually an hard editing user (meaning that I rarely work with less than 4 tracks on a video), and I noticed that since the release of the 8.0 version the things got worse and worse.
I have been using Studio 8.6 for more than a year now and still have random crashes, the minimum thing I move or edit will f*ck up the program. For giving you an idea, here's a screen of all the crashes and error I got back in march and some recent ones (sorry for bad quality, trying to not exceed the image limit):

And yes, I have to deal with this. Every. Day.

I already tried contacting the support and no. No, no, no, no, everything you've said won't fix the damn problems, I've lost countless hours of work for this annoying issues.
  • Disabling / Enabling GPU acceleration won't fix the problem.
  • Closing all other programs won't fix the problem.
  • Producing batch won't fix the problem.
  • Divide project into multiple segments kinda works but after like 15 tries, usually creates half or corrupted files, and it's too much time consuming.
  • Upgrading to Camtasia 9 doesn't work either, I had to deal with a project of my friend using Studio 9 because had the same issues and took us 2 days for rendering a project.
  • Turning PC off and on... Seriously guys...
  • Hardware not enough powerful: I got 16 gigs of ram,12 of video ram and 8 core processor, you really want to say that a PC that is built for render everything can't hold 3 video clips?
I can't believe that such good program is so unreliable, it doesn't even worth the amount of money it costs: come on guys, you can do better!

Please fix your program stability once for all.
Is the only feature that I ask for the next version, and I'm sure that all your customers will thank you.
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I agree -- this is an ongoing source of frustration for me as well.  I started with Camtasia in its early days, and currently use version 8.6 but I've avoided upgrading because v9 removed MP3 as a possible output.  I am also wary of Camtasia's move toward being a more complicated video editing program.  I use Sony's editor only when a project absolutely demands it because Sony is more complex and organizes things differently.  Camtasia was always a welcome relief from that burden, and now it seems that they are acquiescing to demands that it become a surrogate for products from Adobe or Sony or others.  Final Cut Pro is Apple-only; Adobe is cumbersome.  Sadly, Camtasia is heading in that direction.
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Looking at your screenshot it appears that you're using imported media files that seem to be gaming-oriented; are your video files 30 FPS or are they greater? Camtasia Studio 7, Camtasia Studio 8, and Camtasia 9 all have a maximum framerate cap of 30 FPS so if you add media to the timeline that is of a higher framerate, you will likely experience problems very similar to what you're running into. If you take a test recording of your screen using Camtasia, then edit it, do you have the same issues? Note too that Camtasia Studio 7 and Camtasia Studio 8 are both 32-bit applications so the heavy editing that you are doing may be a part of the problem, though if the issue exists within Camtasia 9 with the same media, I would recommend trying TREC files rather than game footage / footage from 3rd party applications.