Camtasia v2018.0.0 slower than v9.3 on older CPU

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I installed Camtasia v2018.0.0 today and have these results to share. I know that my PC CPU is not what Techsmith recommends, but it works for me ッ

System: Intel NUC with Intel i5-4250U @1.30GHz and 16G RAM and SSD drive, Windows 10 64bit

To create 1080p MP4 - size 3,198Kb

Camtasia 9.3 - 1m 58s
Camtasia 2018.0.0 - 2m 21s

What are others seeing?
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have not ran numbers but if you have a second hard drive you might want to create a scratch drive on it for Camtasia to use. I can't verify this yet but I'm betting it changed the default you may have used on 9.1.

Serial drives like the one you are using can only move data one way and then reverse. So when you are reading and writing you are basically turning it off and on.
Using a second drive allows for the data to move one way and then the other on different cables.  The nature of a serial drive.
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Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately no improvement. 

Using two SSDs (solid state drives):

- I updated the Camtasia temp directory to the D drive - about 2 seconds longer
- reading project files from C:, writing MP4 to D: - 5 seconds longer
- reading project files from C:, writing MP4 to C:, temp on D: - 8 seconds longer

Looks like the Samsung is the better drive and I get the best times when everything (reading/writing/temp) are on the Samsung.
C - Samsung SSD 840 EVO
D - Western Digital - WDS500G

Open to other suggestions - I know, a newer PC would be nice but I want to sell more PowerPoint and Outlook courses before I put money into a new system. ッ

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Camtasia v2018.0.0 switched my Hardware Acceleration (Edit | Preferences | Advanced)
FROM Use software-only mode
TO Use graphics card - Intel(R) HD Graphics 5000 (recommended)

When I put Camtasia 2018.0.0 back to the setting I had with v9.3 (Use software-only mode), it creates the MP4 in the SAME amount of time as v9.3.

ADVICE BASED ON MY RESULTS - test / check your Hardware Acceleration setting and see which setting gives you the best time. In my case, software-only mode generates this particular small MP4 33 seconds faster 1m 58s vs 2m 31s
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I also noticed Camtasia 2018 is 4x slower while rendering than Camtasia 9.1
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Try changing Hardware Acceleration to software-only mode
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to comment on this thread and say that if you have a dedicated video card, that is where you should see the performance gains with hardware acceleration. If you're video is integrated with your CPU you're more likely to see better performance with software-only acceleration.

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So, Glenn Hoeppner, Employee 

With so many people having low powered computers & integrated graphics.

Maybe there should be more focus/warning when people install 2018 or render videos? I have a strong graphics card so software-only acceleration is something I didn't have to know anything about.


Since TechSmith has chosen to enable it by default. This creates quite a bottle neck for a lot of users.

 You may have a surprising number customers completely in the dark about this. If they don’t visit this forum or seek support. How could they know? They might conclude that 2018 is a terrible product compared to their other video editor.Or just on a hunch. Request a Refund, never upgrade down the road. Or a whole host of possible negatives.