Camtasia 7.1.1 camproj file will not open in Camtasia 8?

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My camproj file that I made in Camtasia 7.1.1 will not openin Camtasia 8? I get the following message:

The following file(s) are not supported and cannot be imported:

Sure would hate to have to recreated these in Camtasia 8. Seems they should import - need help.
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Posted 8 years ago

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For any project upgrade issues, please contact our TechSupport staff by submitting a ticket at

All issues are being escalated to the dev team, and we are actively working on fixes. To make sure we address your specific issue, we'll need to get a copy of the project from you. You can provide that to our TechSupport staff and they will pass it on to the dev team.

In the meantime, the best advice is to finish the project in the same version you started in. You can have major versions (e.g. CS 7.1.1, and CS 8.0.1) installed at the same time, and they will not interfere with one another. This is intended as a workaround, until we are able to fix all project upgrade issues.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
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There is no place to submit a ticket at the link you provided. Please help me to the place to submit an support ticket and I will describe my issue and upload the a copy of the project as you suggested. The link you provided just lets me ask a question and no place to upload a copy of the project.
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That is the correct link. When you submit your question, it goes to our TechSupprt staff. Your question goes into the support queue, and you will receive an email response to start the process. Hope this helps.
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From a long-time, professional Camtasia user (produce training videos for a living)...

This is a serious problem.

None of my hundreds of completed Projects in 7.1.1 will open in Version 8. I get the following error: "The project file cannot be opened. Make sure the selected file is a valid .camproj file".

Of course they are valid .camproj files - how do you think they worked in Camtasia 7? These are all files that have been successfully produced and are being viewed on the web as we speak.

To release a completed version of Camtasia that cannot open the files from the most recent version of Camtasia is incredibly poor on Tech Smith's part. I can't think of a single thing you could have gotten more wrong that could have been more important. Very unimpressed.

I bought the upgrade version without installing a trial to try out Version 8 because I have upgraded every version since Camtasia 4 without problems.

But, I will be asking for a refund and will sit #8 out.

Also - removal of the Camtasia Theater? What were you thinking?

You tried this once before, remember?

You took out the Theater and everyone complained so much that a customer released a "workaround" Theater and everyone started using it. So, you put it back (thank goodness).

Now you take it out again?

Total crap move on your part.

I won't use a version of Camtasia without the Theater.

Some of us don't just make single videos to dump on a web page. Some of us make complex theaters with 50+ videos in it. Camtasia Theater was a good way to handle that.

Not impressed with Camtasia Player either. What were you thinking here? You think that we want to be locked into your player on our sites?

You think we are going to use a solution that requires our site visitor from an iPad or iPhone to download a propitiatory player just to view our videos? They AREN'T going to do that.

That is not a solution for needing to move past Flash and into the HTML5 video age.

Customers do NOT want YOUR player. They want your video files to be able to play on any video player they are already using or by just be being directly embedded in their site - WITHOUT their site visitors being asked to install an app they only need for your site.

What a joke.

The world is moving past Flash - iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones... the customers need to be able to view our videos on their devices WITHOUT installing a Tech Smith app. This isn't about you.

This isn't about customers installing a stupid single use app from every single site they go to. Customers want the single sites to wise up and make their site work according to the same standard as everyone else.

I have loved Camtasia Studio for years and have used it loyally. I was already concerned about is future usability because of it was unable to provide the functionality you need to create the same content for the mobile world. But, I knew that was just going to take time and that you would get that right in Version 8.

But you didn't.

So, after looking at Version 8 features (especially in production features) ? UNINSTALL.

But, for this specific problem: project files from Version 7 won't open up in Version?

You are telling me NO ONE at Techsmith tried to open up a Version 7 file in Version 8 before they launched this?

Weak, man. Really weak.

My advice to any person who owns Camtasia 7 - DO NOT BUY VERSION 8.
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Thanks for your feedback. I can hear your frustration, and I'm sorry that version 8 didn't meet your expectations.

As I stated above, we are working to patch all known project upgrade issues. CS8 was a major rewrite, and the guts of the projects changed completely from version 7 to version 8. We have a large and growing set of upgrade tests for version 8, but clearly we missed some cases. For that, I apologize. We are working hard to deliver fixes as soon as we can. These will come in the form of a maintenance release, which will of course be released free of charge.

Camtasia Theater was removed from CS8 because the Flash controller on which it was based is no longer supported.

Regarding mobile, our new TechSmith Smart Player uses Flash with HTML5 fallback. This means that it uses the Flash Player if it's available, else it will fall back to use an HTML5 player. This enables playback on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices with and without the Flash Player. You can host the TechSmith Smart Player on your server by copying the production output files to your web server, just as you could with previous versions. Or you can use our hosting service. You can also host on and use the embed code to integrate with your own site. In all cases, the videos play on all supported platforms, including most mobile devices.

With version 8, we also adjusted all of our MP4 outputs and tested them on various mobile devices. Not just iPad and iPhone, but Android tablets and phones too. Based on our testing, we've improved the compatibility of the content quite a bit beyond what version 7 could do, and we plan to continue doing whatever it takes to make your content as accessible as possible.

The only "extra" player to download is for the iPhone. The built in iPhone video player does not allow any interactivity. To enable interactivity with hotspots and quizzes, an app must be installed on the phone to allow the viewer to interact with the content. Believe me, if we could avoid the app, we would update our output so that nothing additional was required. For now, that's the hand Apple has dealt us.

Again, I'm sorry that these issues have frustrated you. I hope we can someday win you back as a loyal customer. We'll be working toward that end.
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I work at a software house and we used Camtasia to create video tutorials hosted on a web page on how to use our products.

Alas I too am having trouble with Version 8, we only have a small number of video's luckily. I have listed my key issues and frustrations below.

Converting from 7 to 8:

I use a template to create our videos as they have common steps and only need a small segment replaced.

20 out of 23 almost identical video's converted successfully to Version 8 but 3 just won't. The 3 failures don't have any extra zooms or different callouts than the 20 that worked. I was given work around by the support guys, which was to export the back up file from 7 but that didn't work either. Very frustrating. So I had to edit them in V7.


V8 is very very slow, it can take up to 45 minutes to produce a 3 minute basic video. When contacting the Techsmith support team they weren't able to reproduce the error and suggested I moved all Camtasia project files to my C drive. I did this, no change. It will also hang up to 25 second if I've just changed one letter in a caption or moved the timeline bar a fraction.


If I want to Produce and Share the video for the team to review onto a network share (we have staff in many countries) before it goes live on the web, the .html file will not run from the network share. The team have to copy the entire production folder onto their C drive (as recommended by TechSmith support) or I have to upload it to a live web page for it to work. Techsmith told me they don't recommend using a Network for Camtasia files. This work around isn't acceptable, it worked with V7 produced files.

Editing Video:

If you want to make a video slightly longer by changing the clip speed , something we do as we use voice narration to match our captions. In V7 if you changed the speed it moved everything afterward to fit. In V8 you have to move everything after the part you want to change manually, change the clip speed and then move it all back. Else you get a message saying you don't have enough room to change the clip speed.

Editing Captions:

If you increase or decrease a caption length that is adjoined to other captions either side it tries to include the adjoined captions text to the one you're moving. This gives you errors as you now have too much text in the caption. To fix you have to right click and "Merge Captions" to clean it up. This seems to be a pointless time consuming edit to make. How V7 managed this was far more user friendly and logical.

Cutting and Pasting Zoom Values:

Why was this taken way?! This was a really useful feature in V7 when wanting to keep visual continuity between different video segments. Now I have to write down x, y and zoom percentage value and manually create new zoom elements on each segment.


I understand there are some nice new features with V8, the cursor highlight works much better, the flash hotspot is less buggy. However, its getting to the point I'm about to ditch V8 and go back to V7 for new videos as it takes half the time to create and produce them with less frustration.

TechSmith support, are quick to get back to you and do try their best to help, but are so far have been unable to "replicate the issue" so you're just left stranded.

Its a shame as if you do managed to actually produce a video the end result is very professional.
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Re the CS7 projects not opening in CS8 ...

I've successfully opened and converted hundreds of large, complex, CS7 projects in CS8

I've noted the posts wher other users have issue with this

I suggest the following ...

close all other open apps on PC

open the CS7 project in CS7

select entire project on timeline

right click and add selection to Library

right click on library project asset and export it [this will create alibzip, a special form of zipped project archive]

exit CS7

open CS8

select the Library tab

drag/drop the exported libzip to the Library tab UI area

that will import & convert the CS7 project

right click the converted library project asset and [with playhead at t=0] add to timeline

does that work?

Note: CS8 is more demanding on available RAM than CS7; certain apps, like IE9, after a flash video has been viewed, will hold onto RAM; that is why it is important [per my experiences] to exit all apps before editing/producing w/CS8

CS8 is a super product; it's different than CS7; takes getting used to; definately worth the effort if you can work thru the learning curves; my screencasting production in CS8 is 6x faster [total effort] than with CS7
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No, that isn't a solution.

I am not having a problem with RAM or "learning curves".

I have now read the other long thread with many people complaining about this same problem. You keep jumping in telling them it is a RAM problem (then brag about your 2GB RAM Vista 32 machine.)

I am on a 64-bit, 16 GB RAM machine. This is NOT a RAM problem.

The files won't open.

It is a conversion problem.

Techsmith released a version of Camtasia that CAN NOT CONVERT A FILE FROM THE MOST RECENT VERSION.

That is crap.

Your export solution seems to not work for people either - but, even if it did...why would ANYONE want to buy a product they had to work that hard with?

I expect to open the file from the previous version and convert it JUST LIKE EVERY VERSION BEFORE HAS DONE.

I really liked your suggestion that you close all files except Camtasia... by definition you are going to have other programs open - aren't you? What exactly are you going to be recording if all other programs have to be closed???

Version 8 is a pile of crap.

It was a nice idea to free up the tracks. Like it. The new record might be way better.

But, if you can't open files from the previous version, it is crap.

Every other "addition" is pure fluff.

The decision to dump the Theater again? Stupid.

The decision that the way to handle HTML 5 requirements of mobile systems was to ask a visitor to your site to download a special Tech Smith mobile app to watch your video?


Again - to anyone considering buying Version 8 - DO NOT BUY IT.

Take a minute and search this forum, you will find many experienced Camtasia users completely frustrated with Version 8.

In Version 8, TechSmith has intentionally "dumbed down" the product.

Maybe, their market research says they would sell more if they cut out features their experienced users like and "made it look easier" to beginners. I think they are going to find out they were wrong.

Instead they have just pissed off a lot of people like me who use Camtasia every single day and have upgraded every single version .

How can you trust anything about this release?

If they didn't even properly test converting the very latest version files - if they can't even figure that out - what else did they get wrong?

Yeah, I am angry.
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Like you, I'm running on a system that can more than handle the software. Mine is an i7 processor, 16GB RAM, Windows 7 64 bit, etc. I can run multiple large programs at a time without problems. Pardon me while I open Illustrator, Photoshop, Camtasia 7, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox all at once with absolutely no system lag.

I do not feel like the problem is a learning curve or RAM or images on the timeline or CAMREC files on the timeline! The software itself can't import old projects and/or import them correctly. You can't copy and paste zoom/pans. To move all the clips, you have to zoom out, lag, and select them all or group them then move them. Far more tedious than before. The red and green lines on clips to slide the intro/ending points are gone, I can hardly see which clip I'm clicking on. There's no contrast to the UI like there was before.

These are not learning curves, these are usability issues. There shouldn't be workarounds for something that is fundamentally necessary in a new version of any software.

I was very excited that there would now be multiple tracks available. This was the sell point for me. Obviously, there was no mention that old files wouldn't open. I've lost days of productivity fighting with this new software's shortcomings and will be returning to version 7 permanently.
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FYI - Here is a list of features removed in Version 8:

1) Camtasia Theater

2) Voice Narration has been simplified

3) Record Camera has been simplified

4) FLV, SWF, RM, CAMV production formats

5) Additional Output options of M4V and MP3

6) Old Flash controllers of Classic, Express Show, and Overlay have been replaced by our new Smart Player which can mimic all of those controllers

7) Ability to Edit and Manage WMV profiles

8) Title Clips and PiP tabs.

9) Two Videos Side by side with TOC under PIP.


As someone who has used Camtasia a lot... can I explain that to someone who is considering buying Camtasia?

They took out all the tools that we used to control and fine-tune our productions.

They either removed everything or made "simplified", which is marketing talk for "took out all the features from it".

They dumbed down Camtasia to the point that you don't want to use it.

They replaced the tools with pure fluff.

And, they replaced the output options with the forced use of their "special player", which will require some of the visitors to your site to download and install an app to watch your videos!!!

(And, then they only created that special required mobile app for iOS.... double genius.)

You can brag all you want about "how fast it is to use"..... of course, it is fast to use, there aren't any tools left!
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Just to clarify a couple of things ...

I too can reproduce, at will, the issue of CS7 to CS8 project conversion failures

The failing projects have camrecs in them [not sure if AVIs would also consistantly fail]

I have found that replacing the camrecs in the failing CS7 project with MP4 versions of themselves resolves the issue; then the [nearly same] CS7 project exported as a libzip then imported into CS8 converts just fine. This suggests to me maybe something to do with the AVIs within the camrec container?

I will also restate that I've successfully converted hundreds of unmodified archived CS7 projects to CS8, edited them further, and produced them to flash. These are usually photo slide show videos, made from JPG images

So I find the statement above "Techsmith released a version of Camtasia that CAN NOT CONVERT A FILE FROM THE MOST RECENT VERSION" to be factually wrong, at least for me.

For most of my convert-failure affected projects, I just produce the CS7 project as MP4 [no controls], then use that to start a new CS8 project; and I'll export any captions also to use in CS8 if I need closeed captions

I have found the conversion failures to be highly variable, that's why I try different workarounds until I find one that works for me

I [one time try] did convert a CS7 libzip archive that used AVIs on main video, and MP4s on PIP track, with lots of callouts, hotspots, and closed captions; the project was built as a 2 video side by side, so I just switched the PIPs to embed

The converted projected looked fine in CS8 editor, but it was so complex that I could not edit it at all [my PC is too slow], nor could I produce it [not enough RAM on my box]
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Just ran a quick test with CS7 camproj failing to convert project; I extracted the AVIs from camrecs in project and substituted them for camrecs on timeline; put modified project in CS7 library; exported as CS7 libzip

closed CS7, opened CS8, imported CS7 libzip into CS8; conversuion went fine

so to me, seems as if issue is with CS7 camrecs on timeline; swap those out and maybe comversions will be OK?
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@kayakman -

Thank you for sharing. I would make a Screencast of what I am trying, or submit a sample project of what I am seeing in the way of Camtasia activity, but the content I am working with is proprietary...big no-no. Perhaps it is the same with you...

I have some questions for you, but first, some background:
I am new to Camtasia 7.1 as of last month (June 2012) and of course, new to Cam8. I am an editor, not a video guru, but this has been an interesting inroduction.

My machine is brand new, an HP dv6 (Intel Ivy Bridge 3720m, Win 7 64-bit, 16 MB of RAM, graphics are Intel 4000/Nvidia GeForce 650m.)

I was able to upconvert one project (that's all I have tried so far, not a 1-of-x success rate). It was full-motion, full-screen demo, translucent PIP of the presenter down in one corner, speech-to-text Caption track run, recorded in Cam7.1. My mission was to take it and translate what Microsoft heard into what the SME actually said :-), and add some slides (excuse me, in Cam8 that would be Callout approximations of Title Slides, to be more precise) fore and aft. I have figured out somethings about the Captioning and adapted to the use of Callouts as Title Slides, with kind help from Kevin of TechSmith.

I have another project (a second of 30, with multiple huge .camrecs) that I started working with just now. It has one 209MB file and 3 100+MB files, plus one 15, one 27, one 53 and one 78MB file. (All camrecs.) The files are all the same modus operandi; full-screen, full-motion demos, translucent PIP of the presenter in the corner throughout (no, or maybe one, callout, no transitions, no Zoom and Pan, no nuthin' else. So the main difference is just due to the length of the clips. On this particular project there is no Caption track, although on later ones there are (the SME had not yet "trained" his computer when he did this one.)

Cam8 conversion on this latest one seems to "hang;" That is, I can see the backup and a new project file in the directory it should be in and the project file and backup are about the same size, but Cam only shows me a rolling donut after initiating the conversion at 3:35p local and waited until 3:56p local, at which point i gave up. The method I tried this time (after intially trying the normal method of going through the Cam8 dialog boxes which worked for the first project) was trying your drag-and-drop of the Cam 7.1 project into the Cam8 clip bin. I have not yet tried the .libzip method you described yet, because .camrec size is reported to be the common denominator in the projects that are not upconverting, and MP4 might be a better way to go in my large-file case, it seems to me.

So, the questions:

1. Can you be more specific about what you mean by replacing the .camrecs with MP4 versions of themselves? (How to convert .camrec to MP4, that is?) I did a proof-of-concept using "produced" MP4s and a camproj, so I know that can work, but I didn't actually do the .camrec-to-MP4 conversion.

2. Could any of this be related to 'path' issues? That is, are you working within the default Camtasia directory? I am downloading zipped project files into an 'in' directory (not within the Camtasia directory, but a differently-named one a couple layers from the root of the drive. Then, to keep things straight between which files I have worked on in Cam7 and which in Cam8, I am asking Cam 8 to import the zipped roject from the 'in' folder and unzip it to another folder at the same level as the 'in' folder (a Cam8 working folder).

3. Can you explain a little more about how you monitor your RAM activity? (Just Task Manager? Or some other Windows utility?)

4. Do you have a multi-core processor in the Vista system? Have you experimented with setting processor affinity for Cam 7 or Cam 8? I unfortunately can't recall where I read about that. It may have been in a gaming forum. But I did see a comment within the past few days that RAM has become rather a bottleneck with multi-processors--they all kind of need their own, it seems. As I understood the "set processor affinity" route, it basically introduces a program and a processor and tells them, "program, you use this core;" "OS, you facilitate that relationship;" and (possibly) "CPU, watch for this program and dedicate this core to it." Any gamers out there?

But thank you again for brainstorming.
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Deb; I'm currently on travel, but I'll answer as best I can ...

1. what I meant [at that time] was to take the camrecs, and produce them as MP4s [no controls], then substitute the MP4 version for the camrec version in the project; for me, that resolved the conversion issues from CS7 to CS8; I subsequently found that root cause was the camrec on timeline; so I extracted the avi from the camrec and substituted that in project; again, that [for me] resolved those conversion failure issues; the avi extraction is much faster, simpler, and gives better results because the project still uses the lossless avi clips [contained within camrecs]

2. I did not find this to be a path issue; I do not work with the default CS paths; I work deep down in other directories

3. I just watch Task Manager's RAM in use indication on the Performance tab; I only have 2 GB RAM; keeping all that I can available for CS8 to use helped me mitigate the initial convert/edit/produce issues that I ran into; for the most part, they are all behind me now; my experiences now with CS8 are excellent from a performance perspective.

4. I have a dueo core Dell box; I've never messed with any processor settings to address any CS7 or 8 performance
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Thanks so much.

As an update, night before last I retried the same upconvert project that I mentioned previously, letting it go on overnight, and while I could see all the files in the new folder, the donut rolled on and never stopped. Will keep trying, following your methods. I have opened a ticket with TechSmith, as I have gotten permission to share the project content.

In the mean time, I went back to a machine with 8GB of RAM and a 1.33MHz processor - another HP (in this case a TM2-2100 convertible laptop) - and Cam7. I am noting the lag in Caption pane rewrites that others in those threads have described (I think), but no crashes now (halelujah). The interface looks like it is now autosaving with almost every caption bubble. I would rather watch the Caption pane ripple around that have Cam crash with no warning. Merging Captions seemed to be the main trigger for crashes on this machine with Cam 7 before and with the big machine and Cam8, so I have stopped attempting to merge captions, for the most part, on a first-round of speech-to-text, for both versions of Cam. Windows has had a lot of crash reports from the big machine and Cam8. Perhaps that has helped and will help sort out what's up for me..
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Hello K

See answer Senior Support Specialist Mike Spink

"At this team we're not going to have a fix for upgrade These issues in the immediate future. Until we put out the release fixes some of These That the best solution is to finish your projects in version 7 and then start new projects in version 8. " (

It can only be a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You've got to be kidding, TechSmith, I can't believe that response to your customers, I was so looking forward to version 8 - what a disappointment!
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Thanks for passing that update on. And, like Rudy, I can't believe that response.

I guess TechSmith doesn't care at all about us... they don't seem to offer up any of their own responses to us out here (although I see they jump in immediately to post in all the threads were some new person using Camtasia 8 for the first time talks about how great it is)...

But, can I explain why "finishing a project in Version 7" and then "only starting new projects in Version 8" DOES NOT WORK FOR VIDEO PROFESSIONALS???

See, our projects (like say a video training library for a large piece of software) are updated on an ongoing basis.

I have a major client who I have made training videos for their software application with Camtasia for 10 years.

Each year we do a rewrite to allow for all the changes in the software that year.

I have successfully been able to convert the files from every single version and keep working with the massive library (we are talking THOUSANDS OF MAN-HOURS) without being forced to completely re-record the videos just because TechSmith wants us to.

Every 4 years, we do a complete re-record to update styles and take advantage of new video technology.

Which we just did in 2012. Now, how am I going to work with this video library over the next 4 years until we do a complete re-record again?

Clearly, I can't with Version 8.

My only solution is stay on Version 7 for the next 4 years.

The client isn't going to drop $50k on a new batch of videos because Camtasia can't make a new version that can open videos from the previous one.

See, we need to be able to upgrade our files from version to version, because we re-use and re-edit them.


There is another answer, of course. Stop using Camtasia entirely. They do now have competitors and maybe that is the only answer.

They clearly don't get that we need people to be able to watch our videos on an iPad without asking our site visitors to install a "TechSmith app" on their iPad. They don't care at all that we can't open Version 7 files in Version 8.

"Finish your project in Version 7 and then just start new ones in Version 8".... shows they have no clue how we use their product and worse - they could care less.


If I wasn't clear before: After 10 years of strongly encouraging people to use Camtasia.... I now strongly advise anyone finding this thread via Google to NOT buy Camtasia Studio at this time.

It is now time to move to another platform.

To all of you buying Version 8 for the first time - you might like your projects now. But, what are you going to do when you can't open them up in Version 9?


I am sure TechSmith thinks this "complaining" is just a natural part of change, that it is coming from just a few people, and that it will all blow over just like it does when Facebook makes a "design" change....

...I hope Version 8 bites them in the ass like Netflix's change to Quickster did...

...because that is the colossal level of screw-up they just dumped on us.

How can they not get this?
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FYI - If you still want to use Camtasia, the best way to get them to fix this colossal blunder is to vote with your wallet.

I encourage you to return your purchase of Camtasia 8 for a full refund. If you can't use it on your existing files, it is worthless to you anyway.

IF they fix this (and I really wonder if they will... I think if they cared, they would have made sure this worked before release just like they did in every other version)... you can always buy it again.

If enough of us cancel our orders, maybe they will suddenly "care about the issue".

Please vote by asking for a refund.

To those of you evaluating Version 8 - don't buy it!
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I just wanted to update this thread to let everyone know that we are working on fixing all reported project upgrade issues. These will be released as a free update to version 8 as soon as we have them available.

If you'd like to help, please visit and submit a question for our TechSupport staff. We are actively collecting projects that do not convert correctly, so that we make sure to fix as many projects as possible.

Until the fixes are available, you should know that you can have version 8 installed at the same time as version 7 (or earlier major versions). Also, the upgrade process always saves your existing *.camproj as *_backup.camproj. So if you've attempted an upgrade, and been unsuccessful, you should still have the original project. Look for something named _backup.camproj, which you can edit in an earlier version until fixes for version 8 are released.

Hope this helps.
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Update on project upgrades: CS 802 is available now. This update addresses issues with project upgrades, has several bug fixes and some usability enhancements. The download is available here:
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I have CS 802 and my projects will not open from previous versions. If I zip my projects from CS7 and then unzip them in CS8, then they work. The problem is that I have hundreds of videos that are not zipped. I have some from CS6, that will surely not open.
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Wish I could offer some help - all I can say is join the club. I might add one other bug and that is with adding images and resizing them in CS 8 - ttey will have a light gray border on the bottom and left side im most cases if you resize them in CS 8. The only way to make them not do that is resize them first in PhotoShop, PSP, or whaterver program you have to work on images and then import them into CS 8, so I am told - I haven't tried this to be sure they still do not have the bottom and side border but that is what tech support says. Isn't it something that we have to use another program so thing will work right in their program? Something just not right about that.
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Hi, I am using camtasia 6, can I upgrade all my projects to camtasia 8? yes or not because I am reading diferent opinions

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Yes, you can.  If you experience any problems, please contact our TechSupport staff by opening a ticket at and we'll work with you to troubleshoot the problem.

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