camtasia 8.4 re-introduces the crashing issue again

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Camtasia 8.4 re-introduces issue with constant crashing of program. Also the stuttering has re-introduced itself as well. If I am zoomed out at very high percent stuttering is reduced and I'm assuming this is because it is re-drawing all element but I have a very high-end system so the data load on my PC shouldn't be an issue. If I am zoomed in close at almost 100% program starts to stutter more during playback in timeline.

The crashing is very problematic and also very embarrassing that I have to explain to a client that time and money is being wasted on a regular basis because program keeps crashing and doesn't always recover file properly. 

An auto-backup feature where you can access multiple revisions would be nice. Perhaps have program back-up in intervals of every 5 minutes or set your own interval. The program crashes so much that the interval will need to be set very low to ensure I don't lose valuable client data. I wish I had kept version 8.3 installed rather than version 8.4 but the draw back of 8.3 is the stuttering issue is a lot worse and play head freezes a lot. However at least it didn't crash as often and I could get work done.

Here are my PC specs:

Intel I7 4 Generation 2.4 ghz (4 cores/ 8 threads)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 860m 2GB DDR5
Ram: 8 Gigs
Hardrive: SSD/hybrid
Monitor Resolution: 3200 x 1800

The sooner this can be resolve the better as I am on a tight deadline and client is depending on me to deliver results. I've started researching other alternatives because this year I have ran into so many issues using this program and I'm almost wondering if it is worth it for me and the client to stay on this system. I've tested the program on multiple PC's and it seems to be consistent no matter how powerful or weak the PC I use. I forked over $1200 for new PC just for Camtasia to see if it would work correctly and now I am disappointed to see issues come back. I like the concept of Camtasia but I feel that every time it crashes I risk losing a client.

If this was a small project it wouldn't be a big deal but this is a half year contract and I find the constant crashing and loss of work unacceptable. I'm sure the client will find this unacceptable at some point and will consider other options.
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Hi all

We want to thank you for your patience while we worked to improve Camtasia. Camtasia 9 is a 64 bit application and that has substantially helped us to improve performance, stability, the ability to work with more complex projects, and allows Camtasia to take advantage of more resources if you have a more powerful machine.  Most of these benefits will still only be noticeable on stronger machines (see our system requirements). Video editing and rendering is a very computationally intensive process unfortunately.

We have found having access to more computer resources has resolved many of the issues we saw in version 8.x, especially when working with large video files.  If you're running 64-bit Windows, you can download the free trial here.

Please feel free to post your feedback and feature requests here in our Community forums and remember, all technical support-related inquiries should be directed to our dedicated Technical Support team at

Apologies for the inconvenience and the wait,

Scott Schmerer

Senior Software Engineer, Camtasia Windows