Camtasia didn't record my cursor in the camrec file.

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I finished a recording and when i went to the Studio, my cursor didn't show up.  I thought maybe an option had gotten unchecked somehow (it's been working fine for weeks) but everything looked ok.

i tried adding highlights and click effects to the camrec from within the studio and i didn't get any errors (like someone mentioned he saw "there is no cursor data available" or something like that) but it also didn't display any of the effects i chose.

just wondering if there's anything else i can check to "turn on" the cursor after the fact or if i just have to re-record from scratch.  if i could even get the highlight effect to work, that would probably be fine, but without any visual, it's a little disorienting for the viewer.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey - did you ever get a reply to this? - this exact same thing has happened to me - I have spent hours editing my camrec before I realised that the cursor effects options were not available to me.  Anything anyone can suggest?
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My suggestion is a shot in the dark.

Make sure that the clip you are attempting to apply the curser effects to is selected and highlighted in the timeline.  

Regards, Joe
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Thanks Joe, it was selected, ever mind, but thanks for the response
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I just got this issue solved, thanks to Kevin's tip from another posting. 
The recording file format needs to be set on .avi.

After setting recording mode to AVI, 
the cursor will *NOT* be visible while recording the screen, 
but it *WILL* show up when the recorded file is replayed

To change recording format on the screen recording bar
Detailed steps:

Step 1 From "screen recording" bar, 
go to > Tools >Option(window open) >Saving >
Record to (look right for down arrow)
>drop down arrow(two options) >.avi >OK

Step 2 
From "screen recording" bar,
Effect >Cursor(option appears) > Show Cursor, or Highlight Cursor, etc......

This did it for me. 
record in avi format is a must.

This solved my cursor not recorded issue.

Thanks again Kevin.
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Hi Owen,

Thanks for the feedback and apologize you have this issue. Without any other info, I am just curious and a wide guess, are you using a USB mouse and touch pad as point input device? Maybe check if you have any driver issue for it? Some special point input device (like joystick etc) may not use regular approach to deliver point message and thus may not be recorded. Also are you aware of any connection between the content you record and the cursor issue you have or you just can't record any content?


Kevin L.  
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I have the same issue I am using Camtasia 8.3 records a video on a windows 8.1 pc. I noticed as I was editing the video that about half way through my cursor disappears. about 1 minute of recording with no cursor a hand cursor appears but does not really follow exactly what is happening on the screen. To add to this another video, I recorded immediately after I finished the one with that the cursor disappeared in, has the cursor back and visible again.
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I just rerecorded the portion of the video that the cursor disappeared from on my original recording and now my cy cursor is frozen in position and doesn't follow the mouse  movements check. I need to figure out what is happening I have several video that need to be done but I cannot do them if camtasia isn't working properly.
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I fixed an issue regarding the cursor just changing the color depth from 16bit to 32bit. (Camtasia Studio 8.4)