Camtasia does not recognize or import .mov files... why not?

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Your website says Camtasia Studio should be able to import/edit .mov files. The only type of file my Kodak video camera produces is .mov but Camtasia won't recognize those files when I try to import them and I get a "No available codec" error.
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Posted 9 years ago

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I'm having the same problem - unable to import .mov files.

I'm running Camtasia (v8) and quicktime player v7.77

As suggested by someone earlier I renamed the .mov file (3Gb file) to mp4.

Camtasia then imported the file - Odd, but very pleased.
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How about that!  I just tried the same thing (renamed a mov file to mp4 and Camtasia used it and it gave an error on the mov file.  Weird, but cool!
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I am converting my non-importing mov files to mp4 using HandBrake (free program)
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I use i-squint which is brilliant.
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Just using your trial now & the first thing that pops up "Can't import MOV files". I've got the latest Quicktime for Windows & obviously the latest version of Camtasia & still no luck. I wanted to go to something more flashy than Windows Movie Maker, which easily imports MOV files, but this has sealed my decision. No go for Camtasia!! You guys need to work on this as a must if you want to sell to people!!
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Apple has dumped Windows users. They never liked us anyway and I suspect they are just trying to expand their growing monopoly. You should uninstall QuickTime immediately. Read this report.

Here is the support article covering this subject.

If you use an I-phone maybe you should consider dumping Apple. I know I would.

I have both a Cannon and Nikon camera that shoot video using .mov,  I can import the videos by changing the file extension from both cameras without any problems.
If changing the file extension does not work you may need to covert some mov's with a video converter in order to use them.

Hope this helps clears things up.

Regards, Joe
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Version 8 fails to import MOV files >4GB. I completely solved this for myself by chaging the ".MOV" extension to ".mp4" (i.e. edit the file name itself)
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Official Response

In regards to the latest development with QuickTime, we recommend people uninstall their QuickTime software to avoid the security vulnerabilities with that software.

Camtasia Studio will continue to operate and run as normal without the QuickTime software. However, this will have an impact on those who are producing videos to the MOV video file format. In this case, we recommend you produce to MP4 instead.

Or, this can impact some MOV videos being imported into Camtasia. In this case, please try to change the file extension on the MOV video file from .mov to .mp4 and they might work just fine.

Newer hardware systems that output MOV files usually do not need the Quicktime software or the file extension changed in order for other software programs (like Camtasia) to use the MOV files. However, the older ones do need Quicktime. In this case, we recommend you run the videos through a file convertor, like Handbrake, to convert them to MP4. The support article linked to below shows you how to do this.

In our next major release, Camtasia 9, we will no longer output to the MOV video file format. However, the importing of MOV files will continue to be supported but may require the extra support listed at the beginning of this post (conversion or file extension changed).

We have a support article here with information on Camtasia Studio and Windows QuickTime software.

User Assistance
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Lol, this is why people use Sony Vegas instead of this crappy editing and lagging software.
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In the meantime, my son sent a video from his iPhone which happens to be a .MOV file.  I do not have ffpshow or QuickTime installed so it would not play.

I renamed the file by changing the suffix from .MOV to .MP4.  The video played including sound.  Not all mov files will work that way but it is worth a try.

Source - .sfx (change suffix to ???)

  • Android - .3gp   (.mov) changing to MP4 probably won't work.

  • Apple - .mov     (.mp4)

PS.  I have requested a "Mute / Ignore" option.  All those in favor head over to and follow the links.

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please fix camtasia studio 9 problem with load .mov with png codec and alpha channel transparent videos
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latest version of Camtasia studio 9 still doesn't  import .MOV videos either take it off the website as a feature or fix it please.
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Hi Pierre;

Are your MOV files formatted per our article that defines what files and formats can be imported into Camtasia? As you can see here and here, MOV files are supported as long as they have been formatted using h.264 or PNG codec. What codec did you use to create your MOV files?

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I've been having the same problem with .mov files, and renaming them to mp4 isn't helping - only the audio will import, not the video.

One really random work around I've found is to export the video file from my iPhone to my Google Drive. I then download from Google Drive to my PC and import that to Camtasia, and that's working, even without renaming the file.

Have no idea why that would work, but it has worked for me several times now, where downloading by another route hasn't worked at all. Thought I'd mention it here just in case it helps someone!
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I'm pretty sure Google drive transcodes any uploaded videos. To make for easier playback.

 So it's not formatted the same when they get done with it.You're downloading a converted video.
It's the same thing as using a video converter.Just a slower and more convoluted process.

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For those of you still stuck with being unable to use .MOV and alpha animations in Camtasia 9, watch this video showing you how to convert .MOV to .PNG codec using free software. Saves me from having to keep switching from v8 to v9 when adding lower thirds!

This does work as I have tested it.