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Camtasia needs to be developed for Tablets too. For example I write on iPad Apps but there is now way I can record and then publish a video on Youtube. iPad like Tablets have good enough resolution for making screen recording and should not be a porblem.

As of now I use my handycam to produce a video in dark room and then undergo cumbersome processing and then upload.

If you can make an app for iPad....I would love to grab it. Also as of now there is no app to record on iPad so you have a good chance looking at the work TechSmith have done till now.
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Posted 9 years ago

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iPad Screencasting.

Is there an iPad app that lets you narrate a PPT slide show like we can do in Camtasia. I DO know about the process of creating jpg images for each slide and then using Explain Everything or Educreations to narrate over them once they are imported. Also, how can you screencapture "screen activity" as opposed to just whiteboard capture? off the iPad (other than through a PC/Mac)
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Camtasia, iTunes, & iPads.

I teach developmental math at a community college and have been using Camtasia to record math videos. I started making them available through my faculty web site (no longer available), moved them to a streaming server (the number of hits slowed the server) and finally moved to iTunes U. This was an off campus solution (our IT only allowed iTunes on few lab computers) or a BYOD on campus solution.

One year ago I became one of two instructors involved in an iPad project. Since then my area including Developmental Studies and the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab had acquired another cart of iPads for use in our classrooms and lab.

I set up my assignments using QR codes. A QR code reader is one of the APPS on the iPads. Students can scan the code and go directly to videos for that specific section of work being done. No logging on to an LMS, and then clicking multiple times to get to the same videos. Up to 3000 hits from 25 students in a 4 week window. Data suggests retention and grades improve.
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iPad screen capture.

Need an app to record iPad screen, much like Camtasia records a computer screen. I want to develop tutorials to help our senior community learn to use iPads.
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Camtasia for Mobile Devices.

Is a Mobile App version of Camtasia in the Works? This would be very useful for Mobile QA.
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Official Response
Hi folks - Great news! Apple recently opened up a method for recording the screen of iOS devices from a Mac computer.

We are building a product called TechSmith AppShow that takes advantage of this capability and makes it easy for anyone to create training, demo, or marketing videos that show off any content or apps on the mobile device. You will need a Mac running Yosemite (in beta now; expected release later this month), a device running iOS 8, and a lightning cable to connect the two. 

TechSmith AppShow is also an experiment in alternative methods of creating content. Instead of recording a lot of footage and then deciding how to splice it together, AppShow helps you capture only what you need and arrange the final video as you go. It's currently free in beta and we'd love to have you give it a try and let us know what you think!

It's still not permissible for one app to capture another app on this is not the same as having Camtasia on iPad...but we're excited that direct, high-quality mobile screencasting is finally possible!


P.S. We're also planning to have Camtasia for Mac play nicely with mobile capture...more on that soon. :)

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iPad app?.

Is there any thoughts on making camtasia for the iPad? I have found no app or way to have the webcame record me as I do a screen recording like camtasia does. I know the best way to use these videos to teach is if the students can see me talking as I work through something on my iPad. Any thoughts?
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There is a program called Reflector that will allow one to send their iPad screen to a Mac or Windows computer. I've done a quick test and it seems to work under Windows 7. My next step is send my iPad screen to the computer and use Camtasia or SnagIt on that computer to capture the iPad screen.

reflector is at and costs $13.
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Hi everyone! We’re conducting a series of interviews to
better understand what you’d be looking for in a mobile video creation app from
TechSmith. This would involve scheduling a one-on-one interview with our
research team. The interview would last for about 60 minutes, and would be
conducted remotely from your own home or office. If you participate in one of
the interviews, you will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank you for your
time. If you’re interested in participating in a 60-minute interview between
December 1-18, 2015, please follow this link to fill out a short survey -

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