Camtasia Studio 8.3 Editing Enhancements

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My primary editing application is Adobe Premiere Pro CC (7.1).  In a pinch, however, I do all of my editing in Camtasia.  But it's clunky. It slows me down. When a you use a program like Premiere Pro day in and day out, certain things become ingrained into muscle memory.  This makes editors extremely efficient.  The program becomes an extension of your expression.  

Camtasia Studio 8 has come a long way.  I think it has a cute editor and very responsive, but it slows me down because KEY functionality doesn't operate the same as my muscle memory has grown to expect (in fact many standard functions are missing).  Here are the top fixes that would really increase productivity for Premiere Pro editors in Camtasia (and get me to use it 95% of the time)—things that I expect from any basic editor:

Shift+Delete = Performs a ripple delete on the selected footage.  (the lack of this implementation is my #1 annoyance)
Scrolling the mouse wheel moves me up and down the timeline. (my #2 annoyance)
J K L functionality.  (seriously?  Look it up;  it standard since... forever!  my #3 annoyance))

Ctrl+K = Knife, or Kut, or make an edit (basically what your "S" key does now—split).

After a split, the remaining portion of the selected track(s) should remain selected.  Playback should not stop because I hit the split (S) or make edit (Ctrl+K) key.

Down Arrow = moves the play head to the next edit / cut point.
Up Arrow = moves the play head to the previous cut point
B = Ripple Edit Tool

I = Set in point (green on the timeline)
O = Set out point (red on the timeline)

Now that those basice I/O functions work like every editor in existence, that frees up the Shift+Right/Left Arrows for...

Shift+Right Arrow and Shift+Left Arrow for moving the playhead forward or back through the timeline at a faster seek rate (highspeed forward and highspeed reverse), rather than the current functionality which serves no purpose to a Premiere Editor.

Also, it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut (or the ability to assign one) for "Separate video and audio".  It would also be GREAT to have a global preference for turning this off completely (making video and audio separate by default, maybe with different track colors on the timeline).  Also, a preference for making at least the first two tracks VIDEO (on top) and AUDIO on bottom.  It's so weird to me that I'm actually allowed to get my tracks mixed up in Camtasia.  But I do respect why you have it set this way.  Just a preference for those who would rather see tracks presented more like they are in Premiere.  Perhaps a preference like:  Layout tracks in the style of:  Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, (others?)...

Example, using 3 clips containing both video and audio, separated to their respective tracks:  
Premiere Pro lays out the tracks from top to bottom:  VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO, AUDIO, AUDIO, AUDIO

Two final keyboard shortcuts:

D = select the footage directly under the playhead (only selects footage from unlocked tracks).  This final keyboard shortcut allows one to navigate and edit on the timeline almost entirely without using the mouse.

\ (key) = Toggle between current zoom level and "full project view".

Well, that's enough for your team to work on for version 8.3.  At the end of the day, most of us use Camtasia for it's almost perfect capture abilities*; not for the lack of it's editing finesse.  If Adobe created a capture program, I would expect it to work like the familiar Camtasia Recorder—the standard.  If Techsmith hopes to see wide adoption of Camtasia Studio (editor), at least the basics—the standards—should work like the top NLEs we're used to using day in and day out. 


* I say "almost perfect" because I have to use another (inferior) application in order to capture video at 29.97.
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Hey Clark,

That's a lot of good feedback. I'll make sure to pass it along! Thanks!
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I just noticed that I can set up my own keyboard shortcut for the "Slice" (S) tool.  I'll remap that to Ctrl + K (like in Premiere).  I think a keyboard mapper like this is a better solution than what I proposed above, so that each editor could setup their Camtasia Studio the way they are used to editing.  Any word on whether we'll have the ability to map MORE commands in the next version?  

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