Camtasia Studio should have a 64 bit option

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I see there are some old (3yrs+) threads on this. 

Is there still no 64 bit version of Camtasia Studio?

Its needed.


I'm creating a 15 min video and it is sloooooooooooooooooooow.

Quick check with task manager and I see the camtasia process is at 1.9gb RAM. The absolute limit for a 32 bit process on windows is 2gb.

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Colin Manning

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Posted 6 years ago

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Joe Morgan

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Not yet. One day soon I hope.
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Mike Curtis, Employee

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Hello everybody,
Just a quick update that we are planning to deliver a 64 bit version that will better leverage your computer's horsepower. 
I don't have a date for you, but this will likely be part of the next major release, and would be a paid upgrade. 

The team is working hard and 64 bit is one of our top deliverables. We'll keep you posted as we get closer and more firm with our dates. 

Mike Curtis

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Colin Manning

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Thats good news. Any info on when this release can be expected? I know you probably rather not say, but in practice are we talking weeks, months or years?
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Allen Smith

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Yeah in dire need of 64 bit version because program constantly crashes and as other stated even with high-end machine the limitation of 32bit really hurts work-flow to the point of no return. It would be nice to one day have no more memory challenges where program errors out. Also if it is true it doesn't utilize Cuda cores it would be nice to add that functionality too.

Basically I won't to reap the benefits of a powerful machine. I've sought alternatives from Adobe but I don't like subscriptions but I have to admit program didn't crash not even once.
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Colin Manning

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Techsmith - please tell us just *how* much longer is this going to take? I think people have been asking for a 64 bit version for at least 4+ years now. Almost all new PC's have been 64 bit for years, and a very memory hungry application like this really ought to have a 64 bit variant. Its just not good enough. Thankyou.
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James Macambridge Smith

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I see they are going to charge existing customers tor a 64 bit?

Wow, never heard of that before. Most companies provide a 64 bit option on download?

I will just use mine for small short video stuff. My company is out I am afraid.

I will do a Youtube video though called, "Why I left Camtasia"

Sorry, the crashes are incredible if you have a 64 bit computer.

We need a program that can handle modern computing power.
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Colin Manning

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Where did you hear about a 64 bit version? Do you have a link?
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Samuel P

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I also want to see a 64-bit version in the future-Camtasia Studio is my main video editor, and I am currently working on a 1080p 2-hour long project, which can be very slow and often crashes the program, so I have to continuously save to make sure that I don't lose anything. Please release a 64-bit version!
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Andrew Beery

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I love Camtasia but this wait for 64bit and GPU support is crazy... Please get serious about this... stop the excuses and get it done. Every day you wait people leave your platform for others that are not fixated on the late 1990's  like Techsmith.

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I'm surprised to find out that there is still not a 64 bit version available and I have seen requests for this as long as 3 years ago.  Any from Techsmith that can comment on the progress over the years on actually making this happen?
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It is quite disappointing to find threads on here going back four years asking when they are going to have a 64 bit version available and knowing that they still don't have it.

I have a very powerful laptop (i7 processor, 8 Gig of RAM, SSD and 64 bit operating system).  The 32 bit version of Camtasia Studio chokes on larger files.  Furthermore, if you are not careful, you could lose a lot of work, as I did last week.

This is frustrating.

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Steve Shipley

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I would love to continue using Camtasia 8.6 as it is far easier and more efficient for my needs than Premiere PRo, but it constantly is crashing due to running out of memory. My Adobe CC apps take great advantage of 64-bit addressing and Camtasia really needs to also. Please make it soon. I have been tempting to switch to PRemiere Pro more thoroughly but would rather not. Thanks.
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Scott Schmerer, Senior Software Engineer

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Hi Everyone!

We want to thank you for your patience while we worked to make Camtasia 64 bit.  We are pleased to announce that we have just released our newest, most powerful version of Camtasia yet. Camtasia is now a 64 bit application and it shows. You will see improved performance, stability, and the ability to work with more complex projects than ever before.

You can buy Camtasia here or download the trial here.

Please feel free to post your feedback and feature requests here in our Community forums and remember, all technical support-related inquiries should be directed to our dedicated Technical Support team at


Thanks again!

Scott Schmerer

Senior Software Engineer, Camtasia Windows