Camtasia Studio 8. Copy and paste Pan & Zoom from one clip to another , how?

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How do I copy and paste a pan and zoom from one track to another in Camtasia Studio 8?

I have done this for a long time in v7 for split tracks to retain its current pan and zoom position when a clip continues into the next cut clip. For example I split the video, apply a faster clip speed with pan and zoom, then copy that pan and zoom to the nexp clip which is at normal speed, this way the pan and zoom keeps its position and zoom level?

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Posted 8 years ago

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Almost a year and 4 "updates" later and still one of the most requested features hasnt been added. #laughable
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Any idea on timeline for this, I see notes saying to be added in upcoming update (3 months ago.)

Please & Thank You
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It is unbelievable that this absolutely essential feature has still, 11 months after the first posting here, not been reintroduced in V8. Unfortunately I just upgraded to 8 before realizing that I would be losing featres like this one. This is going to be a huge step backward for my productivity in using the product. A staggering misunderstanding of how customers use the product...
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Personally I think V8 has gone so far down the wrong track that it might be hard to recover many of the features that made the workflow of 7 so brilliant compared to a real video editor.

8 seems to want to be a real video editor as opposed to being a great tutorial generator.

Unfortunately the result is the worst of both worlds. I dumped 8 because the new functions in it do not outweigh the loss of features which make 7 so useful. I am better off editing in 7 and doing some extra work on an other editor - still leaves me with plenty of time to spare compared to working in 8.

The fact that Techsmith doesn't even bother responding does indicate they don't even recognize how far down the wrong track they went nor that they are interested in resolving it.

A cool looking interface does not make a great application - no matter what the designers are saying!
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Personally I like the new features inside of Camtasia Studio 8 but have to admit there are a few features I miss. What are some of the things in detail that make you not like Version 8 over 7? Just curious of what you would like to see and if it can be done with Version 8. Let us know and thank you.
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If you scroll up a bit, you can see a big list of issues I encountered in 8 while giving it a very good try and running 7 and 8 next to each other for comparison.
I'd love to know, if any of these issues have been resolved.
Yes, 8 has some great new features. But many of them - at least when I tried them three months ago - do not work reliable or cause a much bigger workload to achieve things. Crashing wasn't as much of a problem as it had been when 8 came out and I dumped it within two days, but too many crucial functions are (were) just too hard to use.
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Is there any update on being able to zoom across multiple clips?
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Official Response
Greetings! Today we are pleased to announce the release of Camtasia Studio 8.1 which adds this feature you might find helpful.

Copy and Paste Animations

You can now copy and paste zoom and other animations on the timeline:
1. Right click an animation and choose "Copy".
2. Move the playhead to the new location.
3. Right click the clip and choose "Paste".
For more information, watch this video tutorial:
(this link will take you from this page)

Copy and Paste Visual Properties

You can also copy and paste the position, scaling, and visual effects on any clip, without using an animation:
1. Position the playhead over the frame of your clip with the desired properties.
2. RIght click and choose 'Copy visual properties'
3. Position the playhead over the target clip on your timeline
4. Right click and choose 'Paste visual properties'
If you have Camtasia Studio 8 installed (trial or licensed version), you can update to the new version by clicking Help > Check for Updates or by downloading and installing here:
(this link will take you from this page)

Please let us know how this new option works for you!

Warm Regards,

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Hi Aaron - I just installed 8.1 today and was very pleased to be able to use the copy and paste animations in the video I was editing today. I will also take a look at copy and paste visual properties. Thank you so much!
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Looking forward to testing this - I hope it works as well as in 7 and that some of the other issues with 8 have been resolved as well - I'd love to finally use my version 8!
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This is great. I love the new changes. Keep up the great work. I have also been working on my MAC and using the Camtasia 2 for MAC over the Screenflow product. Great products. Keep up the great work.
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Yes, works well - and 8.12 is finally a solution I am using :)
Just switched from 7, even though I bought 8 right when it came out.
But no crashes so far, and all issues I had appear to be addressed.
So if you haven't tried the latest version - it might be worth it now,
There are still some minor issues (for example but they don't stop me from working, and now that I have figured out ripple delete in V8 and a number of other functions, 8 is quite cool.
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ok - they still need to do some work on ripple delete :(

1: if I delete parts of a video I expect a split at that place - not a joined video
2: Ripple delete often does not actually work. CTRL-X only works if you highlight the area to delete with the playhead markers. But it should also - especially - work when I select a piece of the track by clicking on it and then hitting CTRL-X.

But that's managable for now and not yet enough reason to go back to 7.
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you can turn off auto stitching using tool|options menu, program tab
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Hi sgk,

Kayakman is right, what you're seeing is a stitch (new in 8.1). To learn more about stitching (including why we implemented stitching, how to stitch on purpose, unstitch, and control-auto stitching) check out this short tutorial:

Also, you might want to see some other editing tricks that have been added since the original 8.0 release. Another short video if you have time:

Hope this helps, and thanks for the video illustration!

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