Camtasia Studio 8. Copy and paste Pan & Zoom from one clip to another , how?

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How do I copy and paste a pan and zoom from one track to another in Camtasia Studio 8?

I have done this for a long time in v7 for split tracks to retain its current pan and zoom position when a clip continues into the next cut clip. For example I split the video, apply a faster clip speed with pan and zoom, then copy that pan and zoom to the nexp clip which is at normal speed, this way the pan and zoom keeps its position and zoom level?

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Yes, this HAS to be put back in. There has to be an easy way to get the same zoom and pan setting from shot to shot. Big step backward here IMO
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One feature I really liked, which seems to be missing in version 8, is the ability to copy and paste the zoom marker on the time line.
I often split up frames, and when I zoom one, I want a seamless transition to the next frame. If the zoom in not exactly the same on both frames you can see a slight jolt in the video. So, in Camtasia 7, I would right click the little blue ball on the timeline and hit copy, then go to the beginning of the next frame and hit paste, and it would put the zoom at the exact position.
But with Camtasia 8, I right click on the blue zoom ball, but there is no option to copy. So I have to try to manually put it at the exact position, but I can never get it just right.
Please bring back this feature.
P.S. Camtasia 8 is awesome


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Copy and Past zoom marker no longer available in 8?.
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I use manually inserted zoom-n-pan markers alot, and in version 7, it was easy to copy and paste them between clips - with settings intact.

In version 8, it seems that this isn't possible anymore - forcing me to having to manually create each zoom-n-paan marker, inserting it to each clip. This is a big drawback from my point of view!

I also dislike that zoom-n-pan markers cannot be placed on a separate track as in previous versions. It just feels unnecessary having to open or close animation windows all the time. If left open, the track annoyingly overlaps the track above.

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Is it not possible to copy / paste zoom-n-pan markers?.
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I won't be upgrading to Camtasia 8 until this feature is restored.
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In camtasia 7 I could select a zoom key, copy and then paste it to another part of the timeline to match the zoom level. This was especially useful after some kind of cut. However, if I select a keyframe in 8 and copy I copy the whole section of the timeline and not the keyframe.

I have manged to match zoom levels by manually inputting the information from one zoom to the next clip but that is really long winded.

Please would you give us back the ability to copy and paste zoom keys.


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Very difficult to copy and paste zooms to match footage.
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I hate to say it, but I am getting ready to uninstall Camtasia 8 and return to version 7.

There are just too many "updates" that have made my usual workflow uh, unworkable.

In less than an hour, here's what I've found.

1. No ability to copy/paste zoom/pan keyframes. HUH?!
2. No ability to copy/paste transitions. Double-HUH?!
3. No ability to move all audio clips (you used to be able to SHIFT+drag to move all clips at once - now it's a one-by-one operation?! Ridiculous.
4. Having to select clips to apply transitions? Why can't you add a transition when the playhead is on a cut, which is of course the actual location for a transition.

Hopefully I'm just missing something and all of these features are there, just undiscoverable.

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How do I copy / paste zoom/pan keyframes and transitions?.
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Being able to have the exact same zoom and pan from one clip to another is CRUCIAL.

I routinely shoot the video long so I can make multiple cuts instead of extend gives me more room to adjust things quickly.

I need to be able to add and adjust my zoom and pan both before and after such cuts.

This alone is enough to tempt me to revert to Camtasia 7, despite liking a lot of other features...

It's simply crashing my productivity...causing a snafu with my work and my boss.
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I'm going back to Camtasia 7 too for all my editing and then publish with v8 to get the new features like the Smart Player and other v7 bug fixes in the custom production.
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I'll bet cr was excited to discover the bugs in being able to convert projects from 7 to 8
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I found the suggested fix inadequate. Not only did this not apply the zoom across each clip, when I ungrouped the clips, it caused the focus to go completely random - scattering the zoom and screen position of each and every clip. The copy and paste was a simple and effective method. Whatever this group/ungroup suggestion is I won't be using it in the future. Not my first problem with v8, hardly expect it to be my last. May recommend my company moves away from techsmith products if this the quality we can expect in the future. Work fast, 50-100 licenses here.
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I was sure I was doing something wrong when I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the zoom in v8. This is such a basic efficiency/productivity feature that I didn't presume for an instant that this feature had been removed--I only thought that I didn't know how to do it.

How did something as simple as "copy and paste" of such a key feature ever get dropped from the list?
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I hope the current product manager gets fired - to sign off on these changes and remove features without consideration of the needs of the users is a very fast way to destroy customer loyalty.

Up until now, Techsmith had very loyal customers. This loyalty is now being very severely tested - how quickly and effectively you are able to rectify this will determine the fate of this otherwise brilliant product. Right now it is effectively useless and I regret upgrading to v8 - it has already cost me a huge amount of time and frustration and is impacting on my clients too.

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