Camtasia Studio 8: Features removed and/or lacking

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A new version brings many changes, yes. But when new features get in the way of old features, there can be problems (and complaints). For us, CS8 brings as much joy as it brings pain, making us ambiguous about using it.

I could spend hours listing the upsides and how they make our life better. Flash/HTML5 export, added video tracks, transitions, grouping, marker view, preview window object placement/movement, visual properties, overall speed, etc. I could go on. CS8 is amazing.

But when we're done testing new features and get to work, we hit a brick wall.

1. Mousewheel scrolling
The first thing is timeline scrolling. I've seen it addressed in other posts, but all I've seen in response is a list of unrelated keyboard shortcuts. This is a major issue. In CS7, mouse wheel scrolling allowed for a smooth scroll of the entire timeline. Now, you need to use the bottom elevator. In a day's work, that's something that every employee will have to do 300+ times. This could be fixed with a new shortcut (SHIFT+Mousewheel?) or if you switch the scroll from tracks back to the timeline and let people scroll tracks instead.

2. Cluttered markers
When a presentation is live and a captured PPT has excess slide switches, you get a clutter of markers in marker view which requires a zoom in to be able see the label, as the text is large and you often can only see the first letter or two. A solution would be to have the label also popup when hovering the marker on the track OR have an option to switch the marker view to something less cluttered.

3. No play speed control
I've always found this to be terribly lacking. 8 hours a day of manually moving the cursor to compensate not having a play speed + and - button. This was not in CS7 or any CS that I know of, but is worth a mention.

4. Control bar with auto-hide off
Producing a project with auto-hide off makes the control bar slap itself over the video. When a customer base isn't young, having controls disappear means getting complaints about controls being gone. Therefore, every project has to have an extra area prepared. Solution: checkbox option for auto-hide mode that adds the space automatically.

5. Undo/redo buttons
I want to be able to see/click them *and* see them greyed out if I can't undo/redo anymore. Solution: make them optional in the same way "new", "open" and "save" are.

6. Chroma key.
This would be an amazing addition.

7. Selection duration
Selecting a portion of the timeline used to make the duration of the selection pop up. It doesn't anymore.

8. Split "all tracks"
Unless I missed it, there is no way to make a Split to all tracks without selecting all the tracks. The S key just splits what you have selected. Having to select everything is a waste of time when you have many tracks and many splits to do. Solution: keyboard shortcut to "Split all"

Camtasia Studio is an amazing software and grows greater and greater. CS8 is a major step forward and is as impressive as it is useful. Its "flaws" may not be flaws to everyone and we understand that.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear some feedback.
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Official Response
We have good news to share! You let us know you missed the Undo and Redo buttons so we added them back to the Camtasia Studio 8 timeline!

The new version, 8.02 has the new Undo / Redo buttons and several bug fixes in it. If you currently have Camtasia Studio installed, you can select Help menu > Check for Updates to get the latest version.

Or, the new version can be downloaded here:

For a list of all the issues / enhancements included in version 8.02, go here:

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Official Response
Hi Everyone,

Camtasia Studio 8.0.3 released today! While not everything is addressed in this release that customers have requested, we did address many highly requested features, including support for displaying the full audio waveform, under video captioning, and setting a duration for extend frame. Here is a list of what's new:

- Made lower volume levels more distinguishable on the timeline audio waveform
- Arrow keys now scroll the playhead instead of the timeline
- Tooltips now show for locked media
- Improved ability to scroll the timeline while playing
- Added ability to specify duration when extending a frame
- Adding ripple moving and trimming of media on the timeline
- Inserting space on the timeline by holding shift and dragging the playhead
- Added option to include under video captions in a variety of outputs
- Improved audio editing for timeline selections
- Keyframes now automatically fit in available space when added to media
- Improved messaging when uploading media to private or password protected folder on
- Fixed an issue that caused extended frames to show incorrect cursor effects
- Added ability to set the default animation duration to instant
- Fixed an issue causing table of contents to not be initially visible
- Improved memory usage and performance on the timeline
- Fixed issues causing CS7 project upgrades to fail
- Additional bug fixing

Here is a video to explore what's new in 8.0.3:

Shane Lovellette
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Official Response
In response to #6:

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Camtasia Studio 8.1 which adds this feature you might find helpful.

Remove a Color (Green Screen or Chroma Key)

The Remove a Color feature, also called "Green Screen effect", or "Chroma Key effect" allows a color to be removed from a video or image. Typically this technique is used to remove a one-color background behind a video or image to allow another image or video to show through.

You will find the Remove a Color option in the Visual Properties Tab
Choose the color to remove from the dropdown menu or select the color from the media on the canvas.
Use the Remove a Color options to adjust the tolerance of the color removal, the softness of the effect, the hue of the color palette, and more.

For more information, watch this video tutorial:

If you have Camtasia Studio 8 installed (trial or licensed version), you can update to the new version by clicking Help > Check for Updates or by downloading and installing here.